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>> good morning to you, it's sunday july 3rd, i'm ainsley earhart, filling in for alison, today, the casey anthony trial, did the defense do enough to keep her off death row, and what can the prosecution say to have a conviction. >> class warfare, the kind of statement you would expect from the lead are of a third world country, not the president of the united
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states. >> and thaddeus mccotter, announces he's running for president, he and huckabee is jamming out. does he even have a shot? "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> there it is. to celebrate america, we're grilling and pork barrel barbecue is here and they have a new fragrance out. >> dave: yes, called cue for men and women. >> ainsley: does it smell like bacon. >> dave: you smell like barbecue. >> clayton: would you be attracted to a man who was wearing a little cue. >> ainsley: absolutely, the more the better. >> clayton: let's get to the
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casey anthony trial. the closing arguments set to take place later in orlando. >> dave: joining us is the prosecutor following this from the beginning. it's an intriguing day. >> this is, it's a big day. >> dave: let's start with the defense. what can they do? is there anything they can stress that would perhaps save her life? is there any chance of a not guilty verdict in your opinion? >> i don't think there's any chance of a not guilty. i think the best they can do is to save her life. the defense made outrageous claims in opening, but went the other way with their defense and helped the prosecution and sputtered to the close and the rebuttal is the final knockout punch. >> clayton: is there enough for the death penalty? that seems to be the question. because premeditation is ultimately the linchpin and maybe that's taken off the table. >> i don't think so. although it isn't a sure fire
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went for the first degree. what happened here, i think, what you're going to have is that if jeff ashton, if he puts this together in the right way for the jury and really kind of shows them what they can disregard and why, i think they still have a great chance because the biggest thing for the first degree murder convex is going to be the computer searches. it seemed to be on the table when cindy took the stand and said it was me, i think by the rebuttal proving she lied. not only does it show that they should disregard her, it shows how devastating that evidence is, if she was lying to save her daughter's life, why? because her daughter did the searches and she was thinking about this months before. >> ainsley: is that a home run for the prosecution. >> the case is the presentation and if the jurors are able to pars it out. >> dave: this won't be focus, but toi'm curious about the testimony of her mom. the kid who flipped the bird
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in the court got six days in jail. so, clearly, the judge wanted to say, hey, listen, i want to make an example of each and every one of you that has done something wrong in moo i courtroom. don't you have to pursue perjury judges. >> i think that she's guilty of perjury, but she's a mother and she gave some of the most crucial evidence for the prosecution based on the 911 calls and the smell of death and linking bags and tape to her home so that she took the stand. >> she's like i lost my granddaughter, i cannot lose my daughter. >> i think that's it. i think at the end of the day they'll show compassion. >> clayton: it seems it's now being painted as an accident spiraled out of control. started as an accident and went way beyond what they anticipated. does the jury buy at that argument from the defense. >> i can't see if i do. if i'm the prosecutor i'm
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starting with the duct tape. if you start with that duct tape there's no accident with the duct tape. that's before anything else. >> clayton: the duct tape and the chloroform. >> three strips and you start to pile it on after the duct tape and that's where i would start and end to say there's no accident, it's murder and get to the rest of the charges against casey. >> ainsley: what happens next? we have deliberations, how long do you expect that to take. >> that's a tough one. depends if the jurors get along and on the same page. >> i'm guessing that it's not going to be extremely long, but i think they're not going to come back in a few hours either. they've had weeks of evidence here, i'm thinking probably a day and a half or so. >> ainsley: they'll start that tonight, right. >> supposedly as long as the summations goes according to plan and the judge gives the charge and-- >> you're the prosecutor here, if are you focusing on if
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you're at that prosecutor. >> i'm going to start with the duct tape, the way that casey-- excuse me that caylee was found and forget everything else, you start with something you have to look at and i would add the other people on top. the cadaver dog, the witness testimony about linking it to casey's car and start to talk about her behavior. i would kind of end with her behavior. >> partying, tattoo. >> not reporting her daughter for 31 days. beautiful life tattoo and living the care-free party girl life style and even if you believe the defense, her daughter she knows it dead and this is how she's reacting. though matter, even what happened to her as a child, i think that's nonsense and didn't proof it. >> and never questioned george anthony about the that. >> he trnd out to be the best
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prosecution witness. >> clayton: what's the bottom line, do you think we'll see any of the jurors having any shadow of a doubt, any possibility of acquittal. >> there's always a possibility and i've learned not to be too sure of anything this this business, but i don't think so here, i think it's overwhelming no matter which way. >> a hung juror is more likely, a not guilty veict. i hope not for everyone here. >> one holdout. >> sure, they can and a lot of times what they get. i hope not here. everyone is so invested not to mens the family. hopefully they see it. >> and the jurors don't get to have the 4th of july holiday weekend an and sequestered. >> too many for them to go to their families, they like what they should do and-- >> the little girl who lost her life. >> thank you. we should mention here on fox news channel we will be covering the casey anthony trial live for you with an
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expert panel of pundits and live coverage at 9 a.m. >> ainsley: think much of america will be watching that, glued to it all day. >> dave: great to have you here anna and switch now and talk about politics. marco rubio, a popular young man, he's not happy with what he calls the president's, calls it the class warfare. he's taken to criticizing the president and what he said about the corporate jet imagery and class warfare. >> it would be nice if we can take every tax break, but we can't afford them. if we choose to keep those tax breaks tore millionaires and billionaires, corporations and ole companies and we will have
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to make deeper cuts somewhere else. >> he reiterated what he said on wednesday. the narrative is unfolding. she wrote a piece about this, the class warfare playing out and marco rubio had this to say about the president's apparent warfare stand. >> raise taxes on the president said millionaires and billionaires and oil companies and private jets, that that's going to make a difference on america as an impact. i think that is not misleading, but it's class warfare, but what you would expect from the lead are of a third world company and not the united states. >> we remember vice-president biden in las vegas and played those pieces of sound he was talking to the labor members and said they're blaming you when the real blame should be on wall street, the rich guys that got us into that mess,
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they're blaming you, the labor unions and you're starting to see this play out. >> class warfares, but the republicans are saying why are we talking about raising taxes in this economy, it's so bad out there. the worst time to raise the taxes e we had a poll earlier this week, how do americans feel about raising the debt ceiling and that narrative is plague out. we don't want to raise the debt ceiling, we want to cut spending. and when you ask them about raising taxes. >> dave: and many want marco rubio to be the vice-president accounted in 2012 and the presidential field getting more crowded on saturday. he think we're up to ten running for republican nomination. >> ainsley: i've lost count. >> dave: someone you may not have heard of on the national scene, but thaddeus mccotter, a michigan congressman getting in this thing and you can call him an underdog at the very
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best and here was his announcement, rocking the guitar on saturday. >> ♪ what we need in washington is someone who understand that the wave of the future is not big government, it is self-government. that is why, today, i am announcing my candidacy for nomination of my republican party to serve as your president of the united states. >> all right. big support there. and governor huckabee is not going to run we need a guitar player in the runner aen throw my hat in the ring. >> and it's amazing none of the networks covered this, at a tea party rally in michigan. there's not much buzz around thaddeus mccotter. >> ainsley: he has a lot of support in the tea party not well-known across the country, but he's a republican, c a republican, yes, but representative from michigan.
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>> dave: not well-known outside of michigan and i think you've already got. >> ainsley: he is now. >> dave: you've got a host of lower tier, if you will, candidates having a hard time getting their name out there. look at tim pawlenty, a national gig, and huntsman, from utah and guys of that stature having trouble getting out of single digits and how does thaddeus mccotter get out of this field. >> and even politico had an article on struggles of temp pawlenty, men minnesota governor, how does it guy like this get into the race. there are ten individuals who are running, but there are actually like 170 different people who have actually filed to actually run for president. >> ainsley: really? that would be fun to go through the list. you know what i think is happening, also, a lot of of people want their names out there. they might know they don't
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have a chance and bottom of the less, but they want the names out there for the future. he's only 45 years old. governor bill clinton, no one knew the name and came in third place in early stage caucuses and voting. and the comeback kid so no one knew who he was either. >> dave: how do you get the name recognition? we'll ask our political panel, but first the headlines. >> ainsley: thank you, dave. americans urged not to across the mexican border into the city of nuevo laredo, they're warning about the cartel's alleged plans to target u.s. citizens. on friday, a voolt sign to kill american dea agencies was found outside of qui dad juarez. and camp david, where the president is spending the holiday weekend. a small plane had to be escorted by a fighter jet six
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meals from the president's retreatment authorities were unable to reach the plane by radio. it was escorted to hangarstown, maryland where it landed safely and the two people were released without charges. former imf head dominique strauss-kahn is followed by the paparazzi, chasing his car through the streets of new york city after he left his tribeca town house and the authorities say that the maid accusing him told her boyfriend there was money to be maid and several states. not everyone was happy to see prenz william and kate middleton in montreal. can you hear some of the booing and a crowd of spectators, dozens of protesters were booing and banging drums as the royal couple visited a local
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hospital there. the reason, the french demonstrators say that they're angry over and da's deep ties to the monarchy. >> at least one person, a 11-year-old little girl was killed the this is video of that storm as it was pummelling right through kenosha and uprooted trees and sent debris flying everywhere, and bob mcmahon captured the entire thing on the camera. >> i've never felt anything like that before, it was strong for a mnt. >> at least 39 other people were hurt and three critically. those are the headlines and rick for the weather? >> yeah, the storms on friday not as bad across that area. everybody is looking good and kansas city is about to get rainy. we're seeing some showers and a very nice day up and down the eastern seaboard.
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we'll see rain in philly and baltimore and d.c. and slowly slide to the east and see the rain showers around new york city and the boston area, and hartford, connecticut also. and the storms moving to kansas city and we'll see the flooding with those. taking a look at this, you'll see the dotting on the radar across parts of the four corners, not necessarily bad news, but it could potentially cause some problems and video out of new mexico, this is from the los alamos foreand we've been watching this for a week or so and dealing with significant winds, and yesterday helped them out. hot conditions. we're starting to see the monsoon activity and more moisture in the area and good news, helps the humidity level, but brings the threat for some thunderstorms and we could be seeing some lightning. early monsoon season you see some of the lightning strikes that potentially spark new fires and that's not good news. back on the maps, temps in the mid 80's across new mexico
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where the fire is the next couple of days and the chance of thunderstorms sticks with you. here are your temps across the country. 109 today in phoenix and that will feel very nice yesterday and you got to 118. that was a record. dave, over to you. >> dave: 109 will feel nice, wow, thank you, rick. the mainstream media branded christine o'donnell a witch, sarah palin a dits and now michele bachmann is a target and seems the media is waging a war against conservative women. our panel is here to weigh in, erin, advisor for no loebls, jehmu green, former advisor to hillary clinton and jehmu i'll start with you, you were an advisor to hillary clinton and we say this is perhaps sexism against women? or wm in general? >> absolutely not just attack on conservative women. sexism in and of itself is a tactic against all women and when you attack--
6:18 am
prevalent in politics today. >> and since secretary clinton was engaged in, we're seeing people speak up about it a lot more than we did in 2008. so that's good. clearly what's happening with michele bachmann now i think is a combination of being treated unfairly, but also, she's now fallen into that silo as being a politician as being prone to gaffes so there will be a spotlight on her looking for gaffes is lot more, i don't think it's all sexism, with the john wayne comment, the media missed the mark, small touns love to celebrate anyone who has a connection to celebrity. i think that's what that was about. they didn't see that. >> that was john wayne versus serial killer john wayne gacy. not the issues that americans care about. erin, let me ask you, in 2008, ed rendell were saying you guys are the only people giving hillary clinton a fair
6:19 am
shake. there was sexism then, sexism now. >> right. >> dave: these questions about john quincy adams being a founding father, okay, he's not. are the these the issues that americans care about, would we ask the same questions of mitt romney, and tim pawlenty. >> we weren't ask these and we wouldn't use the word flake, the kind of questions that michele bachmann is getting and wouldn't see her male counterparts getting, asking what's her credibility and her qualifications and you'll see that language undercut. we saw it in 2008 with hillary clinton. anytime you see a woman come out as a front runner you see a flood of folks in the race and i'm not surprised there's the new michigan presidential candidate because we don't yet take female candidates as seriously as we should, right? michele bachmann is running, oh, i can get in there. >> dave: that's an interesting point. you said we don't take female
6:20 am
candidates as seriously as men. not yet. >> dave: is that a societal problem or just a problem with the mainstream media? >> listen the mainstream media has it in for conservative women. all conservative women. i am for one, someone attacked on a regular basis, but i think that conservative women are attacked much more harshly than a liberal women are and if you look at the fact how the mainstream media has gone all out on sarah palin, digging in her e-mails and bachmann with the gaffe. what about president obama when he talks about atm's or unemployment or doctors are greedy and want to chop off feet and tonsils, you don't hear that, they're talking about women they're pro-life, pro family, pro gun. >> and conservative women more than progressive women. hillary clinton they don't
6:21 am
demean her and say-- >> there's a long list. >> attacks on progressive and conservative women. >> it's harsher on conservative women. >> it's good we're having this conversation-- >> how do we turn the narrative? >> you get floods and floods of women to run for office. it's know the about her gender, it's about her agenda. it's time to lessen to female candidates and say what is she talking about, where does she come from, what has she doen in congress. >> no more about her family, husband, clothes. whether it's hr pants or hemline or recent hair color we've got to move beyond that, and it decreases the number of women. >> we all have a platform. thank you for being here and weighing in on this. have a great july 4th holiday weekend. thousands hit the streets in georgia to protest their new immigration law. will the bill against illegals
6:22 am
withstand the powerful opposition, they put their lives on the ryan for this country, but veterans told they can't say god at military funerals. yeah? that's right. you'll have to hear that. plus, get your appetite ready we're cooking up pulled pork sliders on the plaza this 4th of july weekend. first we took to the streets to find out why you're proud to be an american, besides barbecue. >> well, i'm proud to be an american, i get to see all of this beautiful-- all of these beautiful life, beautiful people, you know? i just love it, love being an american. >> and you know we have people taking care of us and we just, you know, we're free, get to do whatever we want pretty much. >> what makes you proud to be an america. >> freedom, and free education, best thing, my favorite part about it. >> i also like the good food here. and we've got--
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>> a great message there for
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our troops on july 4th weekend. you can go to facebook and join the link and be a part of the group. >> dave: happy 4th of july to all of our troops serving overseas and imagine this, to ex, if you're a family member of one of those troops, protecting our freedoms, keeping us safe, imagine you lose one of them, and at their fume, you are told you cannot use the words god or jesus at their military funeral. that is actually happening and as you might imagine, there are groups furious at this. >> ainsley: outrage. >> clayton: the houston national cemetery, look you guys when you're getting up there giving invocation you can't use the word god, at the funeral. what the cemetery due to ongoing litigation the houston national cemetery can't discuss this matter and talk about it. >> ainsley: we heard from the va. invoking the name of god or jesus is not only allowed it's
6:29 am
common at va national cemeteries across the country. however, va's policy is that va sponsored honor guards should not make-- re-- >> recitation at committal services unless you're requested to do so by the decreased's survivors. >> they're looking at a word and can't say it. >> written it down and trying to say god and giving a blessing to fallen troops and family members and they can't do it. >> ainsley: the family members are saying, hey, if we say, we are believers or our loved one that died was a believer, we want jesus, the name god, whatever used in the ceremony and they're saying it's not allowed. >> the idea of censoring a prayer from someone who sacrifice $their life for a country under god, how did this sneak into the rules,
6:30 am
censoring a prayer? needless to say they're trying to take action against the cemetery's director and we'll have father jonathan morris to give us perspective on this and where the battle heads from here. >> let us know what you think, and let us know. and also we're on twitter, ff weekend is our "fox & friends" twitter account. >> ainsley: let me tell you the rest of your headlines this morning, the african union is calling on member states to awar the arrest warrant for gaddafi. that means he will be able to seek asylum somewhere in africa should someone ignore the warrant. secretary of state hillary clinton is in spain where she urged gadty to step down from power and threats to attack europe won't defer n.a.t.o.'s mission in libya crews in montana are working to stop a
6:31 am
spill, exxon-mobile pipeline, near the town of billings and is moving down streams and hundreds of residents fled their homes with fears of a possible explosion. but officials say that the fumes dissipated and that it's safe for residents to return. some people in georgia not too happy about the state's strict new immigration law. ♪ thousands of protesters stormed the state capitol a day after key parts of the law took effect. other parts of the law have been temporarily blocked, including a provision that allows police to check a suspect's immigration status if they don't have proper i.d. in utah, as well as indiana and great escape lasted just three days. three days is enough. search crews finally located that female baboon that broke free from the section flags great adventure in new jersey.
6:32 am
the animal captured at a farm was taken back to the amusement park for a physical examinationment now hand it over to rick for our weather. >> hey, guys, a bit of a gloomy start across a lot of the east coast and it's a problem and hopefully et cetera going to ruin this weekend because it's barbecue and we'll be eating. and temps looking like this, 93 in phoenix and it's your early morning hours. while we're talking about phoenix, take a look at this video. phoenix was blistering, got to 118 degrees in the phoenix areas and ng we've got folks and what they're dealing with. the highest temperature since 2006 and they had to deal with that yesterday. don't worry today is looking better pt don't have the video. across the northeast and thunder showers, moving through the d.c. area, baltimore in across a lot of new jersey and that's going to
6:33 am
slowly spread off to the east and expect to see thunderstorms for a lot of the day. no worries for your july 4th activity and improve across the west and we've got the central plains dealing with the thunderstorms this morning and see some of the moves around the lincoln area and head down towards kansas city and going to cause some problems and moisture in and around the four corners and not a bad thing, we want to start seeing it and 4th of july typically is when you start to see your monsoonal activity and high temperatures for the day today. and looking like this. phoenix yesterday 118. today 109 and dallas, you're baking at 101. and all right, you know what i want to do for the rest of the day, guys, send me on facebook or twitter, i'm rick reichmuth on twitter give me the name of the town and the celebration for the 4th of july and i'll give you your forecast throughout the morning. send it back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. the reason i'm turned to the side, i'm having to hold you up one of the most important pieces of american history and don't want it to fall on my copy on the table.
6:34 am
an original copy of the tech cla declaration of independence. it was found at a flea market, and he's here to talk about it this morning. nice to see you, tom. as a historian yourself. did it blow you away to walk into the flea market and find it. >> no, because it looked like an old souvenir copy. >> and you thought it was worth nothing. >> yeah, virtually nothing. >> how did you figure out this was an actual copy. >> i had it for a long time and i saw these words facsimile and i figured it was an old copy and i looked, eventually found out what an anastatic facsimile was. >> what was that. >> it was printing used for a short time in 1846. it was used to make reproductions from originals, by placing an acid solution over the original and placing a zinc plate on it under
6:35 am
pressure and nekt image on the plate to print from. almost like a copying machine would do today. unfortunately the process frequently damaged and destroyed originals, which it did to the original declaration of independence. we only know of two. >> here is what the current declaration of independence looks like, faded and-- is that a result of the acid? >> you can see the bottom is worse. >> and on the right side he's brought this other version, this photograph here and this is actually a reprint of what it looks like now, you can't even read it. >> no, it's virtually, most of the signatures have gone completely. >> the only thing that you can read pretty well is john hancock's signature, but it almost looks like a white piece of paper because it's
6:36 am
completely faded. >> the anastatic process that did that. a troubling study that 58% of americans don't know the day on which we declared our independence on july 4th, 1776. what does this document mean for america? >> well, this particular document actually shows you what the original looked like before it was damaged. because it was never photographed, photography can't exist then. this goes back to show you, a true copy of the original, not the copy that was done by an engraver, but this is a direct, almost like a photograph and americans can learn more about this, because tom is going to be at the historic mullen house in bucks county, pennsylvania not too far from where i grew up. on mondaymonday--
6:37 am
explaining about the original declaration. we appreciate it. >> is where to check it out. >> i don't want to do the rest of the show, i want to read this. >> dave: that's how i feel surrounded by barbecue. check this 0 ut, pork barrel barbecue. nothing says this except for the smell in my nose and-- >> bret thompson, a couple of years ago you got this off the ground and now the trophies, and tell us a little about the stories about the folks that don't know about pork barrel that got off the ground. >> bret and i started the idea four years ago in the united states senator and working with the senate during the budget debates and talking about pork barrel spending projects and we were talking about dinner, not so great pizza a few nights in a row,
6:38 am
wouldn't it be great if there was great barbecue in the area and we started pork barrel, and it would be a great name and here we are with a lot of fun and our original sauce, best sauce in the nation by men's health magazine, great. >> the national chicken trophy and we're talking pulled pork sliders at 6:30 and some folks when they saw this on the smoker, they said it's burnt. no, it not burnt, but tell us how you cooked it and why it looked burnt. that's the great thing. the bark. the pork butt is the cheapest cut of meat. if you're taking the time, slow, you can take the cheapest cuts of meat. the pork butt, even on the webber grill, a little bit of olive oil and you can see inside, even though it looks on the out, it's nice and a smoke ring and all you do, a little bit of a spice rub and sprinkle it on top.
6:39 am
>> okay. >> let it cook for about 250 degrees for about eight hours and you get perfect pulled pork. 195, 200 internal temperature and get the perfect pulled pork sandwich and sit around on the 4th of july and drink beer and make barbecue. >> you've got all sorts of different sauces to throw on it, i'll start that one, one at my home in the fridge and my family uses, we'll be back at 7:30. what you have to hear about hugh, the new sent for ladies like ainsley that want to i attract us barbecue loving guys. >> ainsley: bring it in and i'll see how well it works throughout the day in new york city. thanks, dave. they get a tax break to attack fox news, there's a growing cry to invest media matters, a. >> he was part of behind the
6:40 am
movie blackhawk down. and how to face definite situations and the retired army ranger is next. first a message from our troops from this great america. >> hi, i'm first class robert silver and send a shout out to my wife and son matthew back in killeen, texas. happy 4th of july. i love you.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," quick headlines now, prince albert ii of monaco saying, quote, i do. to his new princess bride, a former olympic swimmer from south africa, the two exchanged rings at the prince's palace at monty carlo, the son of the late grace kelly. and dramatic video from thailand as the bomb squad officer survives this bomb blast. and the officer was trying to open the front passenger door when the bomb went off. the officer was thrown to the ground, was able to get up and walk away with minor injuries. the blast being blamed on muslim militants, ainsley. >> ainsley: thank you, dave. the movie "blackhawk down" is about war and fate. based on the true story of a u.s. army ranger unit sent to somalia during the conflict in
6:45 am
the '90s. our next guest depicted in that movie, but something happened on that mission that definitely turned his life around. and joining me now is major jeff strucker, the co-author of "fallen angel" and associate pastors at columbus, georgia. thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you. >> ainsley: good morning to you, what a great movie, new york times best seller and everyone's probably read the book or seen the movie. our country shall, how accurate was that story. >> blackhawk down the book is very accurate, the movie they did a great job of it and made an accurate depiction of what really happened. >> ainsley: and your experience there turned your life around, i understand. in what way? >> well, i was a sergeant in somalia and i became an army chaplain and the events of blackhawk down, god used to get a hold of my life and showed me there was something
6:46 am
bigger in store for me. >> ainsley: what role did you play? >> i was the guy who led a column of hum-vees, and did it all night long until we could round everybody up and take them back to the base. >> ainsley: if anything will channing your life, it sounds leak that would. what are you doing now in georgia and then i want to ask you about your book. >> i recently retired from the army and found my dream job after leaving the army and now i'm a pastor on staff at cavalry baptist church in georgia. and now columbus is outside of fort benning georgia and a lot of my time is spent with soldiers in fort benning, georgia. >> ainsley: what is your message to the soldiers as we celebrate the july 4th weekend. >> this weekend i want everybody to know, people that are in the military, but people that are not in the military to know, our freedom is very precious, it's been very costly. the declaration of independence that you showed just a couple of minutes ago
6:47 am
says how costly that freedom is and i want those soldiers to know that our country thanks them for what they've been doing for ten years in iraq and afghanistan. >> ainsley: major, you have just accomplished so much in your life, you're new a pastor and an author, you've written this novel. tell me about your book. >> "fallen angel" about a special operations team, written like it happened yesterday or could happen tomorrow. a u.s. intelligence satellite is shot out of the sky and every country in the world would lo of to have the technology on board and the u.s. sends guys to get it, but of course, they realize there are other can't that will do what they have to to get a hold of the technology and special operations goes in to get the technology and fighting for their life. >> ainsley: you've been to battle and a lot of people watching, getting ready to go to church on sunday morning
6:48 am
and you're a pastor, what is your message to get through life. >> i they will audiences i'm a soldier who has been shot at. i know what it's like to be scared and when you go through fear, it's genuine faith in jesus christ that helps you get through. and financial problems, family problems whatever you're going through. my message to them. put it all in his hands and-- >> thank you and thank you for serving our country. >> thank you. >> ainsley: and now a growing call for the irs to investigate, if they did, who would they go after? a former irs attorney breaks it down for us. and then president clinton giving his two cents on the debt talks. even though we're an approaching a deadline he's telling president obama don't
6:49 am
budge. and 4th of july parades apparently dangerous for your children. not because of the floats or fireworks, a study says it's propaganda, telling them to be a republican. ♪ you gotta try honey bunches of oats with almonds! it's got real, sliced california almonds with a third less sugar per serving than honey nut cheerios. wow! delicious! try honey bunches of oats with almonds! even though i'm a great driver, and he's... not so much. well, for a driver like you, i would recommend our new snapshot discount.
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6:53 am
>> back everybody. the website media matters declared a quote, war on fox. straight from the founder david brock. >> clayton: why would they receive tax-free fund from the government and if the irs was to investigate the matter who would they go after at that joint. joining us is former irs attorney c.p.a., lower your taxes big time. nice to see you this morning, happy 4th of july. >> thank you, a pleasure to be on. >> clayton: how would an irs investigation look if they were to go after media matters. what would they do and who would they go off. >> first of all, it's quiet and may be auditing right now and you'd never know. if they do they'd have a notice and specialist on tax exempt organizations and asking for everything. they're going to ask for
6:54 am
financial statements, list of donors, used for exempt status and marketing, to determine whether they violated the tax exempt status. >> dave: they would get material like the ones we've compiled, how many stories and fox news. see an overwhelming majority if you see the graphic here. >> clayton: wow. >> dave: it kind of blows you away. how likely is it that the irs would take atea tax exempt status and what would they base that upon? >> with he will -- well, it's only done under egregious circumstances, for a long period of time. the first thing the irs might do, sit hem with an exstandings excise tax. if it's egregious they could he can at that away the tax inempty status. we're talking about the irs. they're not the only ones that have jurisdiction. many state attorney general have control over their tax
6:55 am
exempt organizationsment if you have an organization that's not up to the status. if they're doing wrong, the attorney generals could fine them. >> clayton: it's interesting when you aegregious, what level does it have to rise to egregio egregious. at what level does it-- i'm surprised that one violation would be allowable under the irs terms? >> well, what's going on here, you have to sawn what they can do. tax exempt organizations get a tremendous amount of goodies, advantages that we normally don't have as americans pt and also on the restrictions, one big restriction, they're going to make political commentary, an except organization, they have to be unbiased and nonpartisan, that's very important and cannot directly or indirectly, try to affect the campaign of anyone running for office, that's a pretty broad mandate and if ne do that on a large scale and keep
6:56 am
doing it continuously. that could cause them a loss of the tax exempt status and could be the kiss of death to them. >> dave: that's a perspective we haven't heard. sandy botkin, thanks for being here. >> clayton: knows his stu. if you want to file a complaint on media matters, the justice tab and click on thatment and we've had a number of viewers do that. >> dave: and a case that gripped the country, the casey anthony case this morning, could the accused of mom, get the death penalty. >> why is it they're backing
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> good sunday morning to you, it's july 3rd, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn. the bachmann bus, the tour is rolling into iowa to fire up the crowd ahead of a g.o.p. poll. neck and neck with front runner mitt romneyment will the wheels on her bus put her in the lead? >> and the president is not stepping up to handle our debt. so former president bill clinton is getting in on the talks, telling republicans to just cut a mini deal and move on. is this the right move? >> a mini deal. >> ainsley: so cute, doesn't it. >> clayton: so cute that mini deal. you thought that fireworks were dangerous? no way, here is what you really need to watch out.
7:01 am
parades, patriots and barbecue. a new study out of harvard says that 4th of july is g.o.p. propaganda in disguise. seriously? i'll break it down in a moment. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> oh, we are smoking here on "fox & friends" this morning. that was-- i'm not talking about ainsley, i'm talking about the food. it's delicious. our friends from pork barrel barbecue are here and boy, do they have some good stuff. i had some pulled pork and-- iment we smelled it. >> ainsley: we didn't notice. >> clayton: out by the smoker half an hour and wonder where dave went to. and someone smells like mesquite in here, briggs. >> dave: two minute segment, i come back 30 meants later. >> ainsley: and you said they
7:02 am
have a cologne that smells like bacon? >> it's for men and women. >> ainsley: every woman should wear it, and i know men love bacon. >> clayton: we'll have you spray it on you, and walk down 5th avenue. >> dave: could be the dress, could be the cent. >> clayton: and we talked about michele bachmann on her bus and her bus rolls on into iowa and ahead of that key g.o.p. draw poll we're fot too far away from that the aims straw poll which sort of sets the tone. i think it's the first real mile marker in the 2012 race. and she got the crowd fired up on the economy and what her plan is, take a listen. >> efrn ooh is saying to me, michelle you've got to turn the economy around and focus on job creation. and i'm also a small business owner, together with my husband, i'm a former federal tax lawyer and so that's what we're focusing on. turning the economy around, job creation and the repeal of obama care.
7:03 am
>> dave: all of tease candidates trying to figure out how to get their message to resonate. for whatever reason, hers is working and the fastest riser for the g.o.p. why doesn't it work for tim pawlenty and john huntsman who has an economic message to go he have to the voters. i think you've got the romney and the anti-romney vote and who claims that mantle right now? i think it's michele bachmann. >> i think a lot of women like her a lot. she had like 20 or 30 foster kids that she raised, she and her husband. >> dave: 23. >> ainsley: and i remember talking to her, can i interview some of the foster kids and the great stories she said i would love for you to, i can't put them on camera because i don't want their parents to be painted in a bad light. some of those were temporary situations. >> clayton: she's hit ong interesting chords with the american peoplement we see the polls and out there and talking to individuals in iowa and taking that bus tour
7:04 am
around the country and talking to middle american and hearing their concerns about small businesses and a lot of the small businesses saddled with the health care law, they say they're concerned with the bottom line. can't hire individuals, have to layoff individuals and don't know how the health care law is going to affect us. she's hitting on that and carrying that sentiment up on stage. >> dave: she, as you might imagine, is in no hurry to raise the debt ceiling. those talks continues as the president loob at august 2nd as the final deadline. he needs this to be prepared by july 22nd to avert catastrophe. and who is in the game? bill clinton. >> the famous shutdown, who ended up paying the price, republicans and newt gingrich paying the price.
7:05 am
bill clinton said this about the debt ceiling, i hope they'll make a mini deal. as they get closer i think they'll agree on a more modest package of cuts and the republicans if i were in their position i would say this only counts for six month, eight months, whatever, we don't want the american people's credit go under and downgraded. he thinks a deal will be worked out. >> dave: both sides seem to be against a short-term extension and joe biden, the vice-president is against a short-term extension. realistically, i think that might happen. >> ainsley: might be a compromise and went on to say that he hopes that the president will listen to the opponents of the commission that he put together. >> clayton: that's one of the sticking point. that deficit commission and president obama didn't listen to them in the beginning. one of the things, anybody else 0en that commission, one thing they said was revenue increases, that means tax
7:06 am
increases, if you're going to support that deficit commission. >> dave: entitlement reform. >> ainsley: it's not going to happen, the republicans said absolutely not. we're not voting for it, if they're tax increases. >> that's why we haven't got anything done. and, we'll talk about this this morning. >> ainsley: closing arguments set to begin on the casey anthony trial this morning. if all goes as planned. jurors could deliberate as soon as tonight and we'll worked through the july 4th holiday. anthony pleaded not guilty for first degree murder of her daughter caylee. we're bringing you that average live of the trial at that starts this morning at nine o'clock eastern time. i'm sure we'll all be watching that. americans urged not to cross the mexican border this holiday weekend and texas authorities worn the public about the drug cartel's plans
7:07 am
to target u.s. citizens. and a violent sign threatening to kill american dea agents was found outside of a school in juarez. and dominique strauss-kahn based by paparazzi through the streets of new york city after he left the tribeca town howes and an official says the woman accusing him said there was quote, money to be made off the strauss-kahn case and accuser reportedly has bank accounts in several states. >> a celebration at fort campbell this holiday weekend. members of our military returned back home to see their loved ones in tennessee. >> it's emotional and it's really hard and you're a soldier. >> and thanks to all the support we get from everybody all over the country. help for us, we appreciate it. >> ainsley: we thanks them.
7:08 am
kunty star teddy gentry one of several musicians attending the 4th of july festivities. those are the headlines and turn it over to rick for the weather. >> hey, guys. >> dave: hey, ricky. >> davy, watch it. severe weather across montana, north dakota, not too bad, but see the wind and hail and maybe an isolated tornado or two. if you're heading across the northeast, maybe barbecuing in our studios, the rain is going to be with us for a lot of the day today. another batch that comes in behind it and see some thunderstorms again and stretch down interest around the coastal areas of the carolinas, eventually up to boston. everybody seeing a little bit of it. if you have your 4 he of july plans, parades and things are a problem tomorrow. better if it's actually on the 4th. and rain across nebraska, missouri iowa, it could cause localized flooding and seeing moert move in across are thes
7:09 am
pa of the four corners, it's good news, but we'll see the threat for lightning that could spark fires. take a look at temperatures and video coming to us from arizona and dealing with the heat. it's been a very, very warm week and kind of the time you see the worst of the temps in arizona, end of june, early july. there you go, 113 on that right now, and-- >> 118 it got to yesterday. the kind where people see if they could fry an egg on the pavement. and described in phoenix, it's like standing underneath a hair dryer, is that accurate. >> putting your head in an oven. >> dave: rick is from arizona. >> and they said the temps drops down to 109. >> dave: rick, they were skiing in colorado. >> so many places out west ended the ski season yet. >> ainsley: unbelievable. >> dave: 1500 people. >> clayton: let's hope the weather doesn't affect some of
7:10 am
the parades and listen to the story out this morning, if this didn't outrage you, it should be outrage to all americans. harvard released a study about the 4th of july parade. according to research it only energizes republicans. democrat candidates if you were trying to, in the races around the country thinking about getting fired up and excitement for your base out at one of those parades. why not avoiding them altogether. it's only go to help republicans. >> dave: old truck institution of harvard, right. >> ainsley: good point. >> dave: and they say the 4th of july celebrations turn kids into republicans and help boost the g.o.p. turnout of adults on election day. is there a-- i was kidding by the thing-- >> and the agenda, here is the agenda. >> be murray proud about their country. >> we' working on the study
7:11 am
and release it, we've got the study release it on january 3rd, no, we're going to hold it until the july 4th holiday. >> ainsley: it seems like-- what a silly studiment why do we have to make it so political. it's a patriotic important weekend to celebrate our country as a whole, bipartisan. >> just as outraged as anyone, and there are tons, millions of patriotic democrats. >> dave: certainly there are. >> clayton: and patriotics independents and patriotic republicans. >> dave: are you republicans say, that's right, we love our country more than others? i don't know, we're asking you. how do you take this when you're on the right and left and middle. >> ainsley: when i'm at a patriotic 4th of july parade, i'm not standing on the side of the street saying she's republicans, he's democrat. >> there have been plenty of
7:12 am
democratics and liberals, who fought and died for the country. let us know what you think about it, and on twitter ff weekend. >> dave: coming up, the justice department, officials in the enhanced intear guying program, but not all of them. our next guest says, eric holder should be fired. >> closing statements two hours away in the casey anthony trial. coming up a defense attorney who says the murder charge might actually help casey. >> from iraq, wanted to say hello to family and friends back in washington. hope you have a wonderful 4th of july.
7:13 am
7:14 am
>> welcome back, after a en exa
7:15 am
criminal investigation at that the deaths of two terrorism suspects. >> ainsley: neither cast took place in the contentious program. did his investigation come up empty? here is a former speech writer for george w. bush. mark, thanks for being with us. no criminal activity. what does it mean boar eric holder. >> it's a debacle and they'll invest two death and battlefield captures outside the cia interrogation program. the real news, eric holder assigned a special prosecutor to look at every interrogation conducted in the enhanced cia program. they found no criminal wrongdoing what he ever so, dloond to prosecute and eric holder put these people threw
7:16 am
two years of grueling investigation and he came up empty and this is a black mark for eric holder. >> dave: a quote from the justice department. advised me of the result of his investigation and accepted his recommendation to conduct a full criminal investigation regarding the death and custody of two individuals. the department determined that extended criminal investigation of the remaining matters is not warranting. ainsley asked you what does it mean for eric holder, what does it mean for the cia agencies and is it redemption? >> it's huge redemption. these people were investigated seven years ago under the bush administration. the prosecutor declined to prosecute and wrote memos saying that-- explaining why they designed to prosecute and eric holder reopened the cases without reading the memos and opened the cases over the objection
7:17 am
of seven former cia directors, not only was this unfair, but it would harm national security and these people have been investigated once and cleared and investigated twice and cleared and finally, now, decisively cleared i hope and now i hope they'll enjoy their 4th of july weekend. >> dave: do you make anything of the timing of it, trying to marry it on the holiday weekend. >> happened as everybody was headed to the beach 4th of july. no question there's political timing. >> ainsley: speaking of timing. time magazine as a cover story called "one document under siege" and questioning the validity of the constitution. what do you make of this? >> well, i notice they've got-- the covering of time magazine shows individuals shredding it. i noticed you had the declaration of independence is there, you're not shredding it. >> no. >> and some are saying they're
7:18 am
trying to boost flagging readership. they come up with questions like would george washington have the constitutionality of a libyan war because he doesn't know what a drone is. would hamilton have a say on health care, they would have used leeches. of course the constitution matters. it's inspired the most, biggest political movement in this country, since the last great awakening, the tea party movement. it's a hugely important document. >> dave: it's a document that allows magazine publishers to put images like that on your cover i guess you might answer as well. thank you for being with us, have a great fourth. >> thanks, take cares. >> ainsley: thanks, mark. closing arguments are two hours away in the casey anthony trial. the defense attorney, she says the murder charge might help casey. >> dave: most people are going to the beach this weekend, not these guys. check it out, the july heat
7:19 am
not stopping these folks. >> did you see the one guy. >> dave: scening on the slopes of california. >> ainsley: look at that. >> dave: that's awesome. rick, were you there. >> i was ♪ [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them.
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>> it's 22 minutes after had your out west. time for your news by the numbers. 17.4 billion dollars that's how much more bailout money greece is getting from euro zone ministers after weeks of violent protests. next, 13, how many counties are threatening to secede from
7:23 am
california and create their own state. this comes after state democrats passed a new budget plan cutting county funding. finally, more than $15,000, hoch mon maria schriver was reported to great a tell-all book, marking the most expensive book deal of all time. >> thanks, dave. the closing are arguments in the casey anthony trial this morning at 9 a.m. catch it here on fox news channel, but what does each side need to say? joining us from orlando is criminal defense attorney lawrence walters with his perspective. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning, clayton. >> clayton: what does the defense need to do to try to protect casey anthony from getting the death penalty this morning? >> well, this is a circumstantial evidence case and in florida, in these kinds of cases, the state has the obligation to disprove what's called any reasonable hypothesis of innocence and that's why the defense threw
7:24 am
out the issue in the opening statements of the drowning in the family pool so that the state would have to come forward with evidence to say that that didn't happen. the defense, i believe, is going to have a relatively easily time in defeating the premeditated murder case. i don't think this ever should have been a death penalty case. no direct evidence of premeditated murder and the defense has to hammer on reasonable doubt, reasonable doubt. and there is no evidence of premeditated murder. you're a defense attorney sitting back here and watching this unfold. it seems like the defense has done a pretty good good job of muddying the waters here and are they trying to place the doubt in the jurors minds that they don't know what the true outcome of this will be? >> anytime you defend a person accused of a crime as a criminal defense lawyer, reasonable doubt is your weapon of choice, in the closing argument and that will be repeated over and over
7:25 am
again by jose baez, that the state has failed to establish premeditation, that there is all kinds of doubt as to what actually happened and frankly, you know, this should never have been a death penalty case. now, there are the other charges that the-- that casey could be convicted of, including aggravated child abuse or aggravated manslaughter and that's had a more likely jou come. >> from the beginning of things, it seems like it's shifted now. how do they go back to the same jurors and say, you know what, we told you in the opening statements, things have england cha a bit now over the past few weeks so we have a different tactic here. >> they're going to need to do some tap dancing in the closing argument because you've got a court order that limits what both sides can stay in the closing arguments and we're not going to hear much about the sexual abuse
7:26 am
and that kind of thing because of frankly the failure to establish that and hear any evidence of it. we're going to hear a different tactic and i suspect a conviction ultimately on some less are charge like aggravated child i abuse and eyeing to police officers. i think it's a mistake it to include those misdemeanor charges because that diverts the juror's attention. but premeditated murder, it's not going to happen. >> i think that's at consensus from a number of experts including yourself. i know you'll be keeping a close eye on it. thank you for joining us this morning. >> happy to be here. >> clayton: and coming up at 9 a.m. op fox news channel, we'll bring you live coverage of the casey anthony trial lir for the full hour as "fox & friends" tips at that time. the video you're looking at now is a mayor in town as chicago's ban on gun ranges could be over rahm emanuel because he's got a new plan firing up the windy city. think you'll watch up on sleep this weekend.
7:27 am
find out what you really need to do to make up for the lost z's. you can't make it. and to celebrate our first patriotic holiday, we're barbecuing on the plaza this morning. ♪ . >> hi i'm staff sergeant watson from richard, virginia, currently at camp shelby, mississippi preparing to go to afghanistan. i'd like to go a shout out to family ap friends and my boyfriend and my church, happy independence day. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candbar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recnition. fiber one. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recnition. i bet it could last through me artsy foreign film. good idea. let's go. did i just say that out loud? [ female announcer ] feel fresh up to 5 times longer with scope outlast.
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7:31 am
>> a beautiful montage there, go to and i know many of you have done that. >> dave: and for everything they do, we thank the troops for that. and the red, white and blue evident on dunkin' donuts and they're celebrating 4th of july. we've got the captain america donuts the jelly, stars and stripes donut and the captain america cooladament tell us about that while i serve the crew. it actually has the different flavors inside of this thing and the reason they're doing that is because they're supporting the troops by doing this. get the captain america coolada. we're not going to have camera operators if you feed them. they'll be gone.
7:32 am
>> ainsley: an icy with one flavor, you can get all three. >> clayton: to facebook, they're honoring the military and america's super soldier like kae captain america, i was a comic fan, i still am. captain america the movie comes out and there's a contest to nominate veterans or active, maybe they've returned from active duty and doing incredible work at home. and our thanks to dunkin'. >> ainsley: and throwing in coffee. their coffee is my favorite. delicious. >> dave: all right. folks, an interesting sleep study out this weekend for all of you folks that work hard all week long and sleep four or five hours a night, here is the bad news. >> ainsley: you wouldn't know about that, being a dad and the morning shift. >> dave: the bad news, you can't catch up as you saw it on the weekend. can't get two solid nights of sleep and reset.
7:33 am
you need a lot more than that. >> clayton: it's common that americans only get six hours of sleep at night and work harder than just about any country in the world. an average of six hours sleep a night you need more than a weekend to recover and your body can develop cancers and everything else if you get less than seven and a half hours a night. >> ainsley: or cranky if you don't get enough sleep. >> clayton: and the issues with our hell not getting enough sleep. >> ainsley: penn state did a study, took 30 people without sleep problems and studied them a few nights in a row. the first nights they got a solid eight hours and next week skimped out of sleep and last few nights, ten hours of sleep. the two nights did not reverse the damage according to research. >> clayton: it needs to be consistent. >> dave: that's what doctors say, get up at the same time every day and go to the bed at the same time.
7:34 am
for those of us that get up at 2 a.m. on the weekend, that doesn't work either. >> clayton: a study combined, fantastic. looked after only two days of not getting your seven and a half hours of sleep your body started to detear raet rate and started to not produce the chemical that prevented you from overeating, after two nights. >> dave: you know what clayton's part of this, new dad. women actually recover better from no sleep than men does. guys when the baby up in the middle of the night, you bounce back. >> clayton: that's what i said this morning. >> ainsley: of course they do. we're just tougher. that's what i gather, why it's my favorite part of the study. >> dave: i'm going to deliver them. >> ainsley: have fun. let me tell you your headlines, greece arrested an american ship captain trying to sail a relief ship to gaza. the captain of the american flag audacity of hope was taken into custody shortly
7:35 am
after leaving port. they were trying to get humanitarian aid, they say it cut the illegal weapons to mill tapt groups hamas. a strict new immigration law causing major backlash in georgia. thousands of protesters storm the state capital after key parts of the law took affect. other parts of the law have been blocked, including a police to check a suspect's immigration status if they don't have proper i.d. similar laws have come under fire in arizona, utah as well as indiana. chicago mayor rahm emanuel was-- will introduce an ordinance later this week to allow gun ranges within the chicago city limits. they face a lawsuit that says that the is it i's ban on gun
7:36 am
ranges places hardship on those residents trying to get a gun permit. now they have to go to suburban for training. and forget about fireworks, people in washington state, hitting the slopes this 4th of july weekend. record snowfall has extended the keying and snow boarding season on crystal mountain. and the powder is expected to stick around for at least another week or two the. >> can you imagine. >> ainsley: those are the headlines and no, especially since rick is telling about arizona and the weather they've seen them and my family is in the south. >> and they said they're out in bikinis on the ski slopes. >> not a bad 4th of july. >> clayton: especially for the spectators. >> or the people on the lift along with them. all right. well, what are you laughing at? >> we're just giggling from.
7:37 am
>> where are you from. >> tyler, texas. you have fireworks tonight in tyler, texas. >> probably not. >> you do, i'm telling you you do, a nice warm night in tyler, texas for your fireworks tonight. take a look at the weather maps as you're waking up this morning, here are your temps, looking good for a lot of the country and it's warm and continues to be the case across the southern tier of the country and there's a front moving through and it's going to bring relief to the northern part. at least as far as the temperatures go. a look at the your forecast for the day today. the northeast gloomy and stormy from time to time and some of the thunderstorms could be severe and down to the south we see humid conditions, across the central plains, heavy rains falling this morning and they'll continue across the northern half of missouri for your day today and across the west, the heat continues in across the southwest, another hot day, not 118 like yesterday, it will be closser to 110 in phoenix, and san diego very nice and a little bit of fog.
7:38 am
seattle 70 and warm into upper 70's for your day tomorrow. take a look at the forecast, the temps across the country looking like this, heating up in the high plains. denver, 93 and dave's favorite city, rapid city getting to 89, over to you. >> dave: the black hills. rick, we've got the scent for you it's barbecue in the air and it's know the a new cologne in a minute. and come a long way from two former senate staffers. aen now the barbecue sauce and rubs are sold in 1,000 stores. and it's fantastic. we're talking briskets this morning. tell us how to prepare it. >> yeah, brisket i think is one of the most scary pieces of meat for a lot of folks. a chunk of meat could be 10, 15, 20 pounds. the secret is a little bit of love and a little bit of time. we took ours 10, 12, 14 hours.
7:39 am
>> dave: the love in the form of the rub. >> all we do at home extra virgin olive oil on the raw brisket and this, you can get nationwide a lot of stores and our website pork barrel and spoker with oak and hick tri, let it cook 250 degrees and then one important thing, when you're cutting it-- >> how long are you going to cook that? >> for about 12 hours. a bigger piece might be as much as 15 yoo is be patient, folks, be patient. >> when you cut it, cut it against the grain so it's not tough. if you cut it with the brain you will have a chewy piece of meat. nice slices like this. >> against the grain like you would with a flank steak. >> we've got some of these pieces. >> dave: i'm going to get after a some of that. i want brent to tell us about the new cescent called hugh,
7:40 am
spices and smoke and summer sweat. >> wow. >> in one bottle. it's for men and women and a great reaction and we've made three batches and completely run out and had no idea there was such nationwide demand for barbecue cent scented colognes, and you can see commercials we filmed, in a pig suit having fun with it. >> and see what the viewers think about that. i'm skeptical of that. >> don't be skeptical. our floor director matt sprayed it on earlier and i can't keep my hand off of him. story about that, man. coming up on the show, don't mess with this mayor. >> i know you'll get me back. >> that's the mayor, and throwing some punches at the local sheriff.
7:41 am
>> ainsley: next, the bible shaping america's destiny and see look how our founding fathers fate sparked the revoluti revolution. ♪ inside all of us is a compass and it always points true north. toward mountains of sand. townew sights and sensations. toward the true bounty of nure so let's set our compass for traverse city and find ourselves. in the magic, and the moments of pure michigan. your trip begins at oh, we call it the bundler.
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7:43 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." time for a few quick headlines. an explosive situation in the philippines. the mayor of a small town throwing punches at the local sheriff all over a demolition dispute. the mayor now taking a five day leave of absence as officials investigate the scuffle. no mormonkey business, search crews have finally located the female baboon that broke free from six flags great adventure in new jersey just three days
7:44 am
ago. the animal captured at a farm in howell, tranquilized and taken back to the amusement park safari for a physical examination, ainsley. >> clayton: thanks, dave, i'll take it from here. the american revolution shaped colonial america, now the new book "the hand of providence" that's the name of it. described the faith of our founding fathers was truly instrumsal in the birth of the united states. the author and historian rob gregg joins us to celebrate-- >> you told me it rhymed with brag and i screwed up. >> nice to be here. >> clayton: the book is fascinating. it shows a picture of america, framed it in a way, it led to the american revolution and your book points out much more than that. >> you have to look at the big picture and the 17th century, it was founded by initial
7:45 am
people and occurred in the great wave of christianity that swept england. the great english historian, jn richard green said the whole nation became a church. it put the bible of the common hand of poom people for the first time. they brought the core values with them and became the foundation of law and government. >> clayton: that's are some wrapped around faith and continental congress calling for national day of prayer. the thanksgiving prayer. and one difference between the american revolution and french revolution. we know that the french revolution was a bloody mess when compared to the american revolution. in your book, americans believed they were fighting to defend god-given inalienable rights and in the words of george washington, for the sacred call to liberty. different from the french
7:46 am
revolution. >> in the french revolution, a man centered revolution and a revolution that became lawless and chaotic and mass executions. never seen the guillotine set up on the streets of philadelphia or new york, but it eventually resulted in totalitarian rule and emporer. where here, this revolution in america was a lawful revolution and people were focused on being law abiding and the law they abided do is what was called the higher law of god. and they believed that king and parliament were trying to usurp what were known to be inalienable and god given rights and they believed that the government was trying to repress the rights and they had opposition to resist that. and why troops marched off to war with flags that read resistance to tyrants is obedience to god.
7:47 am
>> clayton: but there's some mud as we look back at the founding fathers. not all of the founding fathers were not christian, some were diets. do we have a handle on what they believed today as opposed to 20, 30 years ago. >> you look at john adams, historical evidence, adams was there, a reliable witness and adams in later life looked back at the crafting of the declaration of the independence. the only thing they had in common was the general principles of christianity. >> underlining the faith was the world view and christianity. >> some of them were christians and under the bull of this it was crafted. >> exactly. >> clayton: and we really appreciate you joining us. >> thank you, my pleasure. >> clayton: coming up on to the show they came into the
7:48 am
public's eye and nobody did a thing about it. illegal immigrants were flooded, but weren't arrest snd the g.o.p. gets another contender, electric guitar shredding tea party thaddeus mccotter awnses he's running for president. does he have a shot? . ♪ motorcycles, boats, even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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7:51 am
>> when i look around this room i see america's future, our doctors, our teachers, our nurses, our engineers, scientists, our soldiers, our congressmen, our senator, maybe our president. i ask my colleagues to consider the plight of these young people who find themselves in a legal twilight
7:52 am
zone through no-fault of their own. they are willing to serve the country they love, all they're asking for is a chance. >> that was senator dick durbin along with illegal immigrants that he brought to the senate hearing on the dream act this week. was it a good idea to invite illegal aliens to this hearing? here for a fair and balanced debate. dan stein, federation for american immigration reform and april, thanks, guys for being with us, dan, i'll start with you, you say that the dream act, what dick durbin said is making a mockery of the law. why do you say that? >> well, put aside the whole question of immigration here. what ties this together is a diverse community, a basic respect for the rule of law and congressionally enacted and part of what ties us together as americans. what the senator did here is the continuation of a process of abdication by the obama administration and allies in
7:53 am
congress and saying we're going to give a certain group of people the right to violate federal laws, not just immigration laws, but fraud laws related to it and the rest of us apparently have to respect the rule of law. what gives senator durbin the right to decide ap president obama decide the rule of law should be ignored for millions and millions of illegal aliens and want to jump the head of the line, get rewarded, taxpayer benefits, here is public education. secretary nap -- napolita napolitano and ice, if you come to the country and violate the laws by the million, will not be deported unless you commit a dangerous felony. that's not what the american people said through congress and not what they want and when you go down the road basically some people do not have to respect our laws, u.s. citizens, people on my staff were not allowed into the hearing room so that illegal
7:54 am
aliens with no real political attachment to the community can come into a congressional hearing room and take those seats, that's a paradigm for what's going on in the job market and-- >> let's get april in hooker, what's your reaction to this. >> about time the administration put a human face on the immigration issue. senator durbin and president obama finally put the faces, children here through no-fault of their own in front of the immigration debate and frankly, it's an a terrific idea because people have all kind of discretion. in this case, secretary napolitano decided there will be no prosecution and president obama decided the same thing and dick durbin and i think it's really, really, really well past the time to put a human face on their plight. they're the right kind of people, pursuing the military career or a college career and those of exactly the folks that we want to keep right
7:55 am
here in the united states. >> dan, the dream act targets anyone under the age of 35, brought here by a parent and considered illegal aliens. this would give them permanent legal status. so is that select group that didn't have a choice as a child and that's what the other side is saying, what's your argument go ens-- against that. and he's going to try to pack the room with people on television. the dream act. if senator durbin was serious about dream act. he would work in a way to give the american people the comfort and the dream act the way it's drafted applies to anybody underage 35 on the date of enactment even though could you apply years later when you're 50 or 60. applies to anybody who has a two year g.e.d. degree, not about people going to college and people who enroll in the military or some uniformed
7:56 am
services doesn't actually say they've got to served. and senator durbin and others, essentially a mockery of a bill that were undermine enforcement for generations. >> ainsley: they're illegal, what he's saying, is that sending a wrong message? it's sending a political message. one in six americans are of hispanic origin and in a few years, one in four americans will have hispanic origin. it's about time 0 human face should be put on the issue and that's are exactly the right kind of people we want to keep in america and the dream act does not equal amnesty. let me repeat that. it's not amnesty. keep in mind, finally a human face on this issue. >> ainsley: dan, i'll give you
7:57 am
the last word. >> i think we have to realize if we go down the road of basically having a president and you know, and congress saying there are some people who simply don't have to obey our laws and the government will allow millions of people to break our laws, why should the rest of us every day in our lives try to adhere to u.s. law. where do we go as a society if we have the nonenforcement or selective forces for privileg privileged. >> and thank you for the debate. and ahead of the key g.o.p. poll, neck and neck with the front runner mitt romney. will the wheels on her bus push her into the lead. removing religion from the molt. if want to say the word god at a service, you have to get permission first. father jonathan morris is
7:58 am
next. ♪ looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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>> good sunday morning to you, it's july 3rd, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn this morning. closing arguments get underway in about an hour from the casey anthony murder trial. we'll hear from a former prosecutor, who says her case may have sealed her fate with the jury. >> and snort marco rubio is coming out on president obama, debt talks. >> it's class warfare, something you would inspect from the leader of a third world country not the president of the yeets. >> clayton: they made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. veterans can't say god without government permission.
8:01 am
father jonathan morris will weigh in on this controversy. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> . >> clayton: some of the best barbecue i've had in a long time. we're grilling outside with our friends from pork barrel barbecue. delicious and keep walking by with a plate of pork sandwiches. >> dave: i love the smell the barbecue, but busted out the new cologne. >> ainsley: are you're not a fan. >> dave: and it's kind of-- >> it's barbecue smell. >> ainsley: they sold out and had to reorder. >> clayton: i didn't notice any difference from your normal sense, you always smell
8:02 am
like barbecue. let's talk politics, senator marco rubio is talking for the first time in a while. and everyone else has thrown their hat in the ring and the debt ceiling. the president on satto-- saturday radio address-- i'm combining them-- and we'll hear from rubio in a second. >> it would be nice in we kept every tax break, but we can't afford them. if we keep the tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires or hedge fund managers or oil companies pulling in huge profits without our help we'll have to make deeper cuts somewhere else. >> clayton: you notice the common narrative there what the president is laying out. >> dave: i do. >> clayton: the rich are it to blame and get rid of the corporate tax cuts for the jets. >> dave: the jet one is huge
8:03 am
.03%, we're talking about 3 billion dollars in debt reduction over ten years, that's nothing. it is what clayton is talking about, symbolism and leading up to 2012 may not necessarily be all about soming the debt ceiling, but marco rubio, the senator, a rising star on the republican party. here is what he had to say about the president's words. >> the idea that if we raise taxes as the president said on million airs and billionaires and private jets it's not only misleading, it's class warfare you would expect from the leader of a third world country not the president of the united states. >> clayton: a nugget i read two weeks ago, democrats received more money from rich donors in the last election cycle than republicans did. >> dave: that's an interesting point, my friend. >> clayton: they're getting their money from the very
8:04 am
people they're complaining about and i think you're seeing that narrative start to play out. vice-president biden in vegas talking about this, and republicans are blaming you, the union members this is the reason we're having the issues when it was really the wall street folks who got us here. >> dave: this is about millionaires and billionaires, he's talking about folks who make $250,000 a year for a married couple. i assure you they are not millionaires certainly not in new york and chicago. >> make 250,000, about half of that is given back to the government. >> yeah, struggling. >> throw in a few kids and college education. >> small business owners. >> yeah, you're done. michele bachmann taking to the road this holiday weekend and aheaded to iowa ahead of the key straw poll. the straw poll, i think the first real marker in to see how people are doing. and she's doing well already,she's from waterloo,
8:05 am
iowa she has a great base. and she was there when the reporters caught up to ask what she was talking about, said it's the economy. >> everybody is saying to me michelle, you've got to turn around the economy and we met the owner, a small businesses man. i'm a small business owner together with my husband and a former federal tax lawyer and that's what we're focusing on. turned economy around and obama care. >> my friends are saying it's the economy we need to improve and we need more jobs. that's the question, the g.o.p. is saying, how do you want to raise taxes, president obama when our economy is in this state? >> you'll hear that refrain from republicans, you never want to raise taxes, especially during the recessi recession. and the budget increase and raising taxes and let the bush tax cut expire and you were saying, even no, no way to
8:06 am
raise taxes, even on the wealthiest americans. >> the debate continues. the presidential field continues to get bigger and looks like breaking down, between the romney and anti-romney vote. >> and michele bachmann. and another nam thrown in, you probably haven't heard. thaddeus mccotter, a congressman from michigan and he got in this thing yesterday. and interesting time to get in, 'cause, yeah, people are patriotic this weekend, but not necessarily dialed into the news. part of his announcement in michigan at a tea party rally. >> ♪ >> what you need in washington is someone who understands the wave of the future is not big government, it is self-government, that is why today, i am announcing my candidacy for the nomination of my republican party to
8:07 am
serve as your president of the united states. >> you know, he's a pretty funny guy, and also. >> dave: smart guy. >> yes, a smart guy and any reporters who cover him for a long period of time apparently he'll mail them cd's of his rock and roll music that he plays. you know, he's got a good sense of humor about it, but does he-- >> does he excite people? not exactly the excite-- >> a funny guy on our show red eye a lot in the middle of the night. a dry humor. >> dave: this is a tough field. you've got folks that are national figures like tim pawlenty and john huntsman and we could go on and on and struggling to get name recognition. how does one, like mccotter-- >> and even newt gingrich, he's got name recognition and look how he's struggling. 3% in the recent poll. interesting time as dave mentioned to throw your hat into the ring. i mean, 4th of july weekend, this is when the white house, you know, typically when the administration will dump information on a thursday or friday night when no one is paying attention because they're out of town. an interesting weekend to announce for president, but-- >> well, mccotter is 45 years
8:08 am
old and might be putting his name out there and putting his hat in the ring so people will be familiar with his name and then run at a later date. >> true. >> could be. all right. next, we have your headlines, the rest of your headlines. americans urged not to cross the mexican border into the city of nuva laredo. warned about the cartel's alleged plans for u.s. citizens and sign threatening dea agents were found outside of a school. and the latest paparazzi target. dominique strauss-kahn, the former head of the imf just released from house arrest. and strauss-kahn was chased around the streets of new york before leaving his town house with his wife. meanwhile, a law enforcement source says that the hotel maid accusing him of sexual assault told her boyfriend
8:09 am
there was money to be made and has bank accounts in several states. and a massive oil spill in the yellowstone river after a pipeline ruptured releasing nearly 1,000 barrels of crude. it is at billings and is going down the mississippi river. hundreds fled their homes with fierce of a possible explosion, but officials say the fumes have now dissipated and it's self-for those to go back home. an army soldier earning a unique distinction in 4th of july weekend. command sergeant major jeffrey millinger is the last vietnam war draftee to retire from the army. most left the service after two years, but he has been serving our country for nearly four decades and says he's grateful to have received the draft letter in 1972, but that it helps him find his drew falling and those are your headlines. >> thanks, ainsley. let's check with rick rick
8:10 am
moo reichmuth. and right there, tyler, texas looking for your forecast, 91 degrees. and it's tonight, the dam fireworks show, i think because it happened on the dam in lake tyler. 9:30 p.m. and shows the thunderstorms, a passing thunderstorm and we will see a little bit of thunderstorms there and kind of a warm night. send it to rick reichmuth or twitter and put it on my page. and this morning, rain across parts of the northeast, it will continue through the day and we'll see more showers and more thunderstorms and cause problems if today are your fireworks or tomorrow. things across the east are looking pretty good. this morning, rain across the central part of the country and four corners we'll start to see more moisture and see some of that monsoon flow and means the chance of thunderstorms could spark more fires.
8:11 am
there you go, 110 today in phoenix, a break from your 118 yesterday. guys can. >> clayton: that's a good break. thanks, rick. coming up on the show, almost time for closing statements on the casey anthony trial. why a former prosecutor says that casey's actions in court may have sealed her fate. >> ainsley: we told you about a 4th of july parades or just propaganda. a lot of you are fired up about the story and we'll read e-mails and tweets just ahead. first, why you're proud to be an american. >> i'd say free education is the best thingments i'm proud to be an american because i know i'm free. i get to do anything i want, but there's laws, so, i guess you're free. in some countries you're not allowed to, like, women aren't allowed to go out in public. but, i'm allowed to do anything i want. >> like what, what do you like to do that you couldn't do in other places? >> lime, i'm allowed to have
8:12 am
my rights and allowed to-- i'm allowed to speak whenever i want. freedom of speech. >> i've traveled all over this globe and honestly, there's no better place than the us of a. >> why? >> why? because the freedoms that we have here, things that we take for granted, other parts of the world they don't get the freedoms that we have. and the opportunity to walk around times square in new york city without any restrictions of race, creed, religion, anything like that. proud to be an american. [ male announcer ] calling all updaters. hold-outs. savers.
8:13 am
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8:14 am
>> closing arguments are set to begin in just about an hour in the casey anthony murder trial. our next guest says her decision not to take the stand will have a major impact on the outcome of this case. >> ainsley: joining us is former prosecutor james
8:15 am
curtis. what do you think the outcome is going to be? >> well, i think it's going to be a guilty verdict if indeed the jurors follow evidence as presented. a big deal has made about the fact that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. the problem in this case, there's been absolutely no defense and worse at that than that the defense promised thing which in the opinion of most folks who practice this kind of law who do criminal defense, shifts that burden and makes it so that the jury expects or have expected the defense to prove something which they didn't do. >> it's interesting, because there have been some who suggested it was smart for her not to take the stand at all because now the waters are muddied and enough reasonable doubt for the jurors to say, we don't know. and you agree. >> absolutely. >> clayton: you think things she did not address by not taking the stand? >> absolutely. i think there are a number of things that by not taking the stand have gone unanswered and
8:16 am
the bottom line is this, look, in any criminal case, in any case when the charges are serious, even though the law says the defendant has the right not to testify, has the right to remain silent, does not have to take the stand, if their hearts, jurors want to hear from that individual who is accused. it's sort of a natural reaction to this kind of scenario and the fact that she doesn't get up on the stand and does not discount this very, very damning evidence against her, i think is going to hurt her bad. >> clayton: we saw some of it on the screen as you were running down the larger theory about it. and gets let's get to the caramel, partying, cadaver dog, do you think she could have talked about that on the stand. >> what the theory should have been, that's up to her defense attorney and he should have put together a theory that either explains all of these
8:17 am
issues and some sort of mrauzable explanation why these things existed. when the child disappeared. what role the woman accused of murdering her two-year-old had in it and how it fit together and he didn't do it and he did one thing that was worse that hurt her. he put on an opening statement that said hey, i can't explain these things which he did know the do and abandoned the theory, specifically the idea that a baby sitter or a nanny had abducted this child or that the children had drown which he just was not able to put facts with. >> ainsley: it makes sense and i'm hearing this from a lot of people who we've interviewed, if she's a mother accused of murdering her child, and truly innocent, wouldn't you explain where you were and all the car smell and all of that. >> that's exactly the problem. the reaction that you just articulated, what jurors across the country and especially in this particular
8:18 am
courtroom are thinking? now, the judge is going to say, look, she doesn't have to take the advance, there's no burden of proof. what you talked about is the human nature. i want to hear from the person and people who are innocent are going to tell me so. >> clayton: she's sitting there phone-faced when a lot of people would be in tears. >> exactly. >> clayton: i'm sure you'll be watching with baited breath and closing arguments start at 9 a.m. eastern time and we'll carry it live in just about 42 minutes away. >> ainsley: its mission to attack fox news and guess what, your tax it dolls are media matters. we'll talk with ann colter, who is behind the attacks and how they get away with it. >> clayton: veterans can't say god without government permission. father jonathan morris weighing in on the coves this morning.
8:19 am
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>> time for quick headlines. a security scare at camp david where president obama is spending part of the 4th of july weekend. a small plane had to be escorted by a fighter jet after being in restricted air space. it landed in maryland, two people questioned on board and released without charge. new york city, had fun with 5,000 pounds of fireworks confiscated this weekend and released this video of the mass detonation held in the bronx, hopefully nowhere near yankee stadium. >> clayton: and throw them in the garbage? >> that's much are mo --
8:23 am
visual. >> ainsley: they're filing against them saying the prayers of censored. >> clayton: father jonathan morris, the author of the book "god wants you happy". >> thank you, what an interesting case. >> and guys at invocations when they're at the ceremony there, at the kept cemetery not allowed to say god. >> that's what reported. officials, the head of the cemetery, this is a va cemetery in houston, the director's name is arlene o'casio. saying that she is telling them do not use the word god or jesus in yours prayers and their prayers have be to submitted, remember, this is a va cemetery, approve the players. i spoke to a chaplain at one of the old guard, one of the chaplains in virginia in arlington. >> in arlington.
8:24 am
>> he's telling us this is ridiculous, against the first amendment and told somebody previously, i'd be happy to lose my job using word god or jesus in a prayer. this is outrageous. when there's an exception made and said we're going to do this, that exception if it's not stood up against, that exception becomes the norman that norm changes the way that we, as a country, believe and act and why it's very important and i'm glad the motion has been filed in the federal court on behalf of the three va veterans groups saying, no, we're not go take this from the director from the va cemetery. >> invoking the name of god or jesus is is not only allowed, but it's common at va international cemeteries across the country. the va sponsored honor guards should not make recitations at committal services unless
8:25 am
requested to do so by the deceased survivor. there's that exception. >> listen, in the deceased is a catholic, a protestant or is a muslim and a chaplain is requesting that corresponds to that, you better believe that that chaplain is going to say, going to express the views. it's a very different thing if you have, it turns out you've got the whole old guard or lined up there, and you're somehow pushing a space that's not-- does not correspond to the person you're honoring in the burial. that's a different thing. but a chaplain saying i'm not allowed to use god or jesus when i'm honoring the person who died. >> ainsley: and there's maybe, one, two people that complain about it and minority rules in this case when statistics show at that 80% of americans are christian. >> and it's a bad place to try
8:26 am
that. not going it allow that. >> my faith is very important, i don't want a funeral if you can't talk about my faith. >> that's why it's good people are standing up. >> clayton: and another one on the screen, thanks to father john. this is the houston cemetery. due to ongoing litigation the houston cemetery cannot discuss the matter. we reached out to them for a comment as well. >> dave: we'll continue to stay on the story. happy 4th of july. >> happy sunday. >> dave: sarah palin's new movie explores the media attacks against her especially from celebs, matt damon and madonna. what does hollywood have against her. >> ainsley: listen to this, independence day. apparently it's ding rust. what you need to watch out for. parades and barbecues. and some say this is g.o.p. propaganda in the sky.
8:27 am
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>> a beautiful montage there. for information how to post pictures of your loved ones serving overseas and comments about our brave men and women in uniform go to facebook/support our troops
8:31 am
and that's share videos on facebook. keep your troops in mind when you're at the parades and 4th of july, watching the fireworks and news that might surprise you. when you're out at the parades, look aroundment is this an indoctrination process is this that's what harvard feels, liberal university says that 4th of july parades only energize republicans, turn kids into republicans, and help boost the g.o.p. turnout on election day. i'm not making this stuff up. >> the motivation for releasing study before the 4th of july holiday is fascinating and they work on this thing and i'm surprised they're doing a study on something like this. >> exactly. >> doesn't harvard have something better to do with its time and releasing this before the 4th of july holiday and making people upset is ridiculous. many, many liberals out there and patriotic independents out there not just republicans and fought and died for this country of no party affiliation. and david from fief lake michigan, it's the 4th of july
8:32 am
parade and is republican propaganda, maybe we all need to get back to those roots. >> and keith evans from mount evans, south carolina, my sister lives there. we're not red, we're not blue, we're red, white and blue. and the 4th, parades and parties are about our country not a political party. they say it's-- increases the likelihood of youth identifying as a republican by enormous 2%. so it's not exactly overwhelming numbers from this study. >> ainsley: it's a silly little study. really, to make this partisan, it's a patriotic day, making us united americans. >> dave: yeah, thanks, harvard. >> clayton: and they've got to pay for it, somehow, right. >> ainsley: the rest of your headlines. the african union is calling on other states to ignore arrests warrants for gaddafi put out by the world court and
8:33 am
meaning that he could seek asylum somewhere in africa should they ignore the warrant. and hillary clinton is in spain where she urged gaddafi to step down from power and says his threats to attack europe won't turn libya. and fires raging in new mexico, threatening sacred sites of american tribes. more than 16,000 firefighters worked over the weekend to stop the 177 square mile fire. that fire burning for eight days now, it's been fueled by the dry season and then, all of those erattic indz with there, look at that fire go, wow. a strange sight on a pennsylvania highway as drivers saw the presidential seal bouncing down the road. the magnetic seal fell off of president obama's limo as he was headed toward the airport finding a fund raising trail. they went out to look for the seal and couldn't find it. a cop found it the next day and the seal is currently on
8:34 am
the way back to washington. overseas for three years, lance corporal charles gamlynn gets a surprise. >> welcome home marine. [applause] >> en i thought it was just going to be my stepdad and turned out to be everybody. and so, it's just, i'm very, very happy to be here. >> hugging his son. on the ride home, the missouri patriot car. those are the headlines. over to rick for the weather. >> constantine, michigan, fireworks tomorrow night at dusk, and i like looking at twitter names and see what they mean. send them to me, rick reichmuth at twitter. and the atlantic, northeast, on and on with us all day long
8:35 am
and overnight might hear a few thunderstorms and across the south, well above average temperatures continue, hot and humid and wichita today, 98, a few degrees better than yesterday. tomorrow it remains warm and the heat continues across the south and the west and nice conditions, a little cooler today in seattle, you'll warm back up for your fourth and tomorrow, back the upper 70's and a nice week in store. and towards the four corners, temps a cooler across the deserts of arizona and tomorrow, your highs shaping up like this, dallas 101, very warm. new york 88 and 92 in provo. all right, guys, over to you with barbecue, i'm on my way. >> clayton: all right, rick, check out these thighs. these. >> ainsley: you're amazing, amazing. >> dave: we've been barbecuing all morning and doing it inside because it's pouring rain outside in new york city and celebrating the 4th of july and once again our friends from pork barrel barbecue are back.
8:36 am
>> keith hall and bret thompson here to tell us who you to make great barbecue chicken and interesting lemonade, it's not your father's lemonade. >> dave: not your kid's lemonade. i guarantee that. and what special about chicken holiday. >> we're the purdue national chicken champions and we've been cooking a lot of chicken. on 4th of july, it's easy and anyone can do it, doesn't take much time and thighs, and extra virgin olive oil and spice rub on them and put them on the grill for about 45 minutes and an important tip do not put barbecue sauce on from the beginning. >> dave: that's what i was going to ask you. >> the caramel and sugars and all of that in the sauces will burn. you do that the last 10, 15 minutes, two three times and nice coats on there and nice thighs. >> you can burn it by cranking up the heat, too. >> indirect heat. if you have a round grill put coals on one side and the chicken on the other side. >> ainsley: what if you don't
8:37 am
have a grill. in new york city they're not allowed to have grills on porches. >> on the stove top and crispness and stick it in the oven, do it about 300 degrees for probably about 20 minutes and then the last five minutes some sauce on there and put them back there. won't get the smoke flavor, but should be nice and tasty and the way to wash this down. >> dave: lemonade. and cook that for 12 hours like the brisket. the lemonade. this is rosemary and you're grilling the fruit. >> two things here, what we've got is a simple syrup, a rosemary simple syrup. half sugar, half water, throw in a couple of lemons, sprigs of rosemary and come to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes and put it in the refrigerator and use it the in excouple of days and then lemons, we've cut in half and thrown out on the grill and grilled them. >> how did that change the flavor. >> brings out the
8:38 am
carmelization and the sugar, takes it to a whole new level. it's a totally different flavor and get your nice juicer out, and imagine, just juice that and we've got more water than we intended, mother nature's water. but you want a couple of cups of water, to about two cups of the lemon and then about one cup here of the simple syrup. >> rick reichmuth is off set. he's confused by the color. >> why is it brown? >> as am i, and-- >> the color comes from the grilling, you've got the darkness on the lemon from the grilling. >> the challenge here is the test, i want to give it a shot. >> ainsley: it's pretty with the rosemary sprigs. >> this is rosemary grilled lemon and rain water lemonade and it's brown not from the rain in new york city. >> the normal new york city
8:39 am
runoff. >> run off lemonade. >> all right. you didn't toast. >> oh, my gosh, amazing. >> it's amazing. >> pork barrel barbecue, go to pork for the recipes. >> very, very nice. >> they will he be back in the after the show show and we're talking about all of the recipes. >> closing arguments in the casey anthony trial go to get underway, we're live in the courtroom where the defense and prosecution are about to give their closing statements. >> their mission is to attack fox news and get this, your tax dollars, paying to continue the media war on fox. we're talking with ann colter, how people get away with this most people go to the beach. not these guys, they're hitting the slopes in bikinis on the mountain tops. dave and i are there next. >> dave: cheers to that. . >> i'm specialist sanchez specialed in balad.
8:40 am
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>> welcome back, we have quick headlines for you, people in washington state breaking out their skis this 4th of july. record snowfall extending the skiing season on crystal mountain. look at the powder, expected to stick around at least another week or two. and maria schriver reportedly offered more than 15 million bucks to write a tell-all book about her life and even more than bill clinton earned for his memoir. the report comes just days after schriver formally filed for divorce from her husband of 25 years, arnold schwarzenegger. all right, guys, take it away. >> clayton: thank you, ainsley. the liberal media website, media matters declared a war on fox news and now, more and more people are calling for the organization to lose its tax exempt status. >> dave: indicated columnist and i believe it's now seven
8:43 am
time best selling author ann coulter joins us now to weigh in and her latest book is "demonic". good morning, ann. >> it's eight times. >> dave: it's eight times, knew she'd correct me if i had that wrong. look, maybe media matters intended to be an educational institution, as they applied for years ago. they're clearly not that today. where do you direct the frustration and outrage now. is it towards the irs? >> i think it's a good question. a serious point that they don't qualify for 5013 c status, i'm sort of torn because at least when they report on me and i think most people that will be some inflammatory outrageous headline, ann coulter, american nazi, but then actually quote me accurately, unlike say, howard kirtz at "the washington post" and think that's a good point. fantastic publicity and i suppo suppose, you know, i'd like to
8:44 am
see a chart how many millions george soros spent on media matters trying to get fox off the air, with, you know, next to a chart of fox's ratings over the past, however many years it's been, five, ten years. but on the other hand, i don't think they do qualify for an educational purpose. they're four factors, the irs lists in its code to have the educational purpose withdrawn, the 5013 c status which allows people to donate to media matters and get a tax exemption. you only have to have one to have the tax exemption withdrawn and hits all four. one is emotional language and pressing viewpoints not substantiated by the facts and as i indicate, the headlines never are substantiated. it's right there and you can just read it. and or using distorted facts and beyond the actual irs
8:45 am
code, it's just kind of a peculiar institution. there are educational institutions that will criticize things that are said on air. political facts or news busters, but they give actually facts. they aren't-- it's a strange thing to have an allegedly educational organization and their job is to get somebody fired. >> clayton: i think when we think of-- >> we don't have stop-- sorry. >> clayton: when we think about the organizations that we typically associated with a 503 c, boy scouts or red cross or charitable organizations that actually are doing good work and quality work and i think we have some numbers we showed earlier this morning, the number of stories they focused on with fox news on their website, 12,000 different stories they focused on and i think like 53 that they covered from other news organizations. it seems like it's a double standard. right, that's usually-- when a conservative goes on another network, i mean, their objective is to have less free
8:46 am
speech. news busters is to have more free speech. it's to the extent that news busters is criticizing liberal bias in the media, they want msnbc to have more conservatives on, whereas media matters, they have, they're constantly denouncing networks for having me on and successfully with nbc, i might add. they want less free speech, it's just a very weird aspect, just spacially beyond the letter of the law, you know, fire bob, get rid of bob, this is our organization. we're going to direct all of our attentions to destroying someone else as opposed to getting the facts right or correcting misstatements made on air. like i say, compared to news busters or politi-facts. i assume they're both 501. >> dave: they can go to fox nation and there's a link and they can start to make noise and maybe then the irs changes
8:47 am
the tax code. we want to switch to michele bachmann and-- >> can i say one more thing about media matters. >> dave: go ahead. >> anyone who is injured has standing to bring a lawsuit and fox news, i think it would not be hard to find sponsors who have withdrawn because of hysteria ginned up by media matters, they certainly have standing, i have standing, glenn beck has standing and people when their entire organization is dedicated to keeping certain conservative voices off air, you do have injury and you do have people who could-- >> who could sue, you could sue. >> have standing to challenge media matters tax exempt status. >> clayton: interesting. >> it's not going to be just letters, just e-mails into the website. the irs under obama, my guess is, is not going to leap up on this, but a real lawsuit could be brought. >> dave: he will with, we had a guest on earlier that says the states attorney general could do something in this case, i'm not sure which state
8:48 am
would be responsible. quickly on michele bachmann doing very well in the polls, probably the one surging the most and it looks like if you look at the fox news poll there's kind of the mitt romney vote and maybe the anti-mitt romney vote. if that's how it breaks down is she the one most leikely to hold that title? >> i'm not sure. we'll see what happens when people vote. i think she's magnificent, i don't think you can run from the house, unfortunately we have a lot of fantastic house members, but i would encourage all of them, michele bachmann, thad mccotter go to home states and run for governor or at least senator, but i agree with your analysis that it tends to be at least until our true hero leaps in. >> dave: chris christie. >> chris christie, it is a romney or anyone, let's see if there's somebody else we like more than romney. i suspect that, historical since 1880 it's been a governor or a senator. >> clayton: which is
8:49 am
surprising. i think that's an excellent point. michele bachmann, are you surprised, and i say this with half a smile as i can anticipate your response. are you surprised at all about the left's attacks and going after her. is she the new sarah palin they're trying to vilify. >> oh, yes. oh, yes, liberals hat conservative women they hate them with a hot, hot hate of a thousand suns and they see women as demonic, the obsession they have with conservative women i think comes from well, their hatred of god and wanting to suppress morals of the people and they see women, conservative women in particular, they correctly see them as the keepers of religious faith and moral values and it is true that republican women politicians will tend to stress things like the social issues, abortion, gay marriage that sort of thing whereas the republican men tend to be talking about reducing the capital gains tax, the fed.
8:50 am
>> dave: an interesting double standard. well, demonic is her 8th best selling book not 7th, i missed out earlier. thank you for being here. >> you, too, thank you. >> clayton: i think she just said men are boring, that's the kind of stuff we talk about. >> dave: you're right. >> clayton: you're looking live at the orlando courtroom where closing arguments are getting set for closing arguments. a panel live on what's happening. >> dave: and sarah palin's rise in politics, not all of it in a good light. why is the former governor such a target? that's next. level to help your engine run more smoothly by helping remove deposits and cleaning up intake valves. so when you fill up at an exxon or mobil station, you can rest assured we help your engine run more smoothly while leaving behind cleaner emissions. it's how we make gasoline work harder for you. exxon and mobil.
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>> fox news alertment now closing arguments in the casey anthony trial getting underway in orlando, florida right now, judge belvin perry reviewing the charges in the case and we'll bring you live coverage
8:54 am
of the trial starting in less than ten minutes. don't miss a minute. >> ainsley: a new documentary, "the undefeated" reveals sarah palin as a take charge governor. >> of all the 50 governors of the united states sitting at the desk as one of the most powerful. >> clayton: the movie also opened with some high profile celebrities attacking the former alaskan governor. why is she such a target? joining us now is radio talk show host and author of "prime time propaganda" ben shapiro. nice to see you, happy 4th of july. >> you, too. >> clayton: what's going on? why is there such an obsession with hollywood attacking not just sarah palin, but conservative women in general. >> conservative women, because conservative women tend to be camera ready. there's a lot of jealousy in hollywood for the women in conservative movement who happen to be in many cases, you just had one on, very beautiful, happen to be very,
8:55 am
very articulate and the women in hollywood in particular, you know, they're a little jealous of that and the guys in hollywood are not takely happy with anyone who is tinsel town ready. this is the big thing they've had on coverts conservatives for a long time and they're boring, and that's particularly true in the republican race, except for michele bachmann, look at the two candidates doing well. mitt romney, camera friendly and michele bachmann who is camera friendly. i think there's an element of hollywood looking at the folks and saying, well these people could actually compete with us as opposed to tim pawlenty as dramatic as dish water. >> ainsley: it's a double standard, if they are he a good looking male you look presidential. if you're a good looking woman like sarah palin a lot of hollywood would say she's too pretty and attack her. >> and sexist, even with regards to the women in hollywood. the women in hollywood are
8:56 am
cast because they're good looking, right, not because they have that gravitas and the same with the men, look at george clooney and matt damon and these people are taken seriously as personalities. look at great female stars and julia roberts, nobody is talking about them as political personalities who should be dispatched around the globe as ambassadors. >> ainsley: what is it about it. >> clayton: to me it sounds like it's got to go beyond the look the camera ready stuff. the opening of ten minutes of the documentary, matt damon, and others, it has to go beyond looks, it's her message. >> she's a pariah because she's a woman in the same way they'll attack a black man or a jewish person who happens not to be liberal they'll attack a woman who happens not to be liberal because the great assumption in hollywood every woman, every single one must be by nature pro choice. every single one must be pro gay marriage and because they're woman and why wouldn't
8:57 am
they be. it's an echo chamber, people like sarah palin, she's an i can had from the something sticks and shoot moose from the helicopter and saying that people have tina fay wants to move off planet earth if she's elected. the same way that chevy chase took out gerald ford. tina fay with sarah palin. >> she says look when i was asked about that it was taken out of context, i would have left earth because i didn't want to play this character for eight years of my life. >> yeah, i'm sure that's what it was about. yeah, right, tina, i'm sure that's true. >> ainsley: thank you. ben. have a great day. the casey anthony trial is getting underway, the explosive testimony is over and now each side will give closing statements. we're bringing you live coverage from orlando, florida from the courtroom there in just moments. . >> creeped into his sister's room, day or night...
8:58 am
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>> good sunday morning to you. it's july 3rd. i'm ainsley earhardt in this morning. we have a live look inside the casey anthony trial. closing arguments getting under way and jury deliberations could start as early as today. for this entire hour, we'll uncover the drama as it's unfolding there. >> joining us for expert analysis for the next hour, our legal panel starting with former prosecutor and attorney and consultant for the casey anthony defense team. jennifer barringer and our fox news legal analyst, you all know peter johnson jr. let's get a sense of where we are with this. peter, let's start with you this morning. what do you expect to see? this is the last chance this morning for each side to sway the jury. what do you expect from the defenses? >> at this point, the defense
9:01 am
has to back track with regard to the promises that they made with regard to sexual molestation as a reason for casey anthony not coming forward with regard to the accidental drowning. there's been no evidence in that regard. i believe, though, that we will hear an issue with regard to an accident occurring because the prosecution based on the fact that this is a circumstantial case meaning that there's no direct evidence in terms of eyewitnesses or even d.n.a. testimony, the prosecution must exclude, meaning take out of the picture, any reasonable hypothesis of innocence so i believe that we will hear a closing with regard to an accident because we, in fact, have heard testimony with regard to an accident in this case. this is literally do or die this morning. this case and casey anthony's fate hinges on great closing statements by either or both
9:02 am
attorneys in this case. this is the ultimate moment. >> and kelly, how important is the testimony regarding those searches for chloroform? of course, cindy anthony, her mother said it was her that searched for it on casey's computer. testimony from her employer says not so fast. she was at work during those hours. how important was that as far as what the jury will conclude when they start deliberation? >> very, very important. it's critical. it's obvious that cindy is trying to save her daughter's life. what's so important here is it shows premeditation. even though there wasn't chloroform found on little caylee's remains, the idea that casey was searching for ways to murder her daughter is critical. the jury is not going to forget that. she's going to be shown to be a liar through the things that she told the experts as well as the fact that anybody that's looking that up has something nefarious in mind. >> jennifer, obviously, she
9:03 am
didn't take the stand. is this going to hurt her or would it help her? >> frankly, i was confounded by the amount of people that thought we should put her on the stand. if you really think about it, jose brought a lot of credibility at the end of the case by admitting this is a client who is a liar. she's lying all the time. lies upon lies upon lies. i can't fathom that the jury is going to actually believe anything she says so basically, there's no upside to putting her on. a lot of people have been talking about how she could explain but i think, like i said, they're not going to believe her anyway. she's going to get hammered. >> that's interesting. differing opinions on the show this morning. maybe that's what you're referring to, some of these questions that haven't been answered hanging out there, the smell in the car, the chloroform, other issues right now. we want to go down to the courthouse right now. phil keating live outside the orlando courthouse and we're seeing live pictures inside the courthouse, phil, what are they talking about? >> well, right now, the prosecution and the defense are arguing in front of the judge
9:04 am
trying to -- the defense is trying to include, be able to include the sexual molestation allegations that claim about lee anthony and her father george anthony but the state is objecting to that claiming there's no evidence that's been presented to that fact. lee anthony was not questioned whether he actually walked into casey anthony's bedroom and tried to grope her as was alleged during some testimony. and jose baez, the lead attorney for casey anthony saying, your honor, there's just as much evidence of sexual molestation as there is that the defendant used chloroform to dope up her daughter caylee prior to allegedly suffocating her with duct tape. so the jury is still outside of the courtroom there in the adjacent room. they have yet to be walked in here because clearly, the judge is not quite wrapped up. he did express some humor earlier, though, he said if we really want to get to jury
9:05 am
instructions today, somebody better bring me a sandwich around noon hour. this is supposed to take about three hours on each side, so basically half the day for the state. half the day for the defense. and then the state will get a short rebuttal and the closing argument and then we anticipate sometime this evening, preferably late afternoon, that this jury, perhaps to give the jury instructions and then it will all be in their hands. first-degree murder. let's take a look at the charges we had against casey anthony. she's charged with murder. aggravated abuse of a child and four counts of lying to investigators. we're soon to get under way as soon as they wrap up the housekeeping duties with the court and then the jury will come in and we'll get going with the state. >> your predictions of how you feel this will turn out once the
9:06 am
jury is deliberating. peter johnson jr. do you think there's conviction and any chance of a death penalty? >> what's happened and just what happened in the case is what we talked about a few minutes ago, judge perry said there were no facts or evidence in this case with regard to a molestation or an incest claim made by casey anthony so what this court is saying is that will not come into this case in the closing so mr. baez, the defense attorney's opening hangs like the sword over him and miss anthony today because this jury will be remembering what was said in that opening. now, with regard to your question, i want to hear the closings because i believe the closings will decide guilt or not guilt in this case. as to the death penalty, i do not believe if there is a first-degree conviction that there will be the death penalty. if there's a second-degree conviction, the death penalty goes out the window and these
9:07 am
folks, in fact, go home. but the molestation is out of the picture so what we are going to be hearing is with regard to an accidental death and mr. baez has got to be really skillful this morning in terms of making reference to what's gone on in this case without stepping over the line and then wind up being charged himself with ethical violations for a closing that's illegal under the law. >> we're learning and getting word from the courthouse there that they can in fact rule in favor of accidental drowning and jennifer, i have to get your perspective on this. as a consultant to the casey anthony defense team, you're in a unique position here. we saw the opening statements that peter was referring to. this hangs like a sword over them. how do they convince the jury that's not the case anymore? >> it's interesting. i think peter is right. he's going to have to be very careful. i don't, i never did think that he was going to be able to get
9:08 am
the allegations of sexual abuse by george by the end. it didn't come in. but i do think if jose is very careful in framing the issues and explaining that from a scientific perspective that the defense's attorney of an accidental drowning is just as likely as a murder which is the state's theory then the jury is going to be almost instructed to find for the defense because basically that means that the state has not precluded any other reasonable alternatives to murder like -- >> i was going to say that, how is that accidental drowning? doesn't explain three pieces of duct tape over the child's mouth. >> no, it doesn't. but we didn't have to prove accidental drowning. they had to prove murder. they don't have a lot of things that they need. they weren't able to prove cause of death and there was a lot of things they weren't able to prove. there's a little opening for jose if he can frame it just right then the jury, all the issues weave be've been talking,
9:09 am
the jury isn't going to be able to jump the hurdles to say i have to find a murder before i can discuss those issues. >> jennifer is making sense on that case. everybody talked about jose baez, maybe he screwed up by taking on a burden that he didn't need to take on at the beginning of the case about what he needs to prove. he has no affirmative burden in having to prove anything but the truth is, as jennifer points out, the burden shifts in a so-called circumstantial case. it's back on the prosecution to exclude an accidental cause of death. and so as a matter of law, did they exclude an accidental cause of death in the testimony that they put up? now, miss barringer has been watching it every day. i've been watching it half a day but very intensely. i didn't hear that. i didn't see that. and i didn't read about that. i don't think they met that burden in this case. >> ok, we have a five minute recess in the case right now. we've got a live look at the courtroom. so with about five minutes to
9:10 am
go, let's get back to you. >> sorry to interrupt you. this is the flag that has the eagle that indicates there's a recess right now. >> as we get back to you, we've talked about these things, the duct tape and what not. how important does this make the behavior of casey? the partying and not calling the police for 31 days and acting as if life was grand and getting life is beautiful tattooed. how important is all this for the closing argument? >> it's absolutely huge and it's interesting because i respectfully disagree with both of my colleagues. she's done. he did not shift the burden successfully. jose baez put it out there. there's no credible evidence of anything he put out in his opening and right now, you look at it. she's out partying and didn't report her daughter's death even if it was accidental that child would do. if your child is dead, you're devastated. you're not out getting tattoos, not out partying and having some fun. i don't care what her reasons are. she's a known liar.
9:11 am
the fact that she didn't report her daughter missing, her mother called it in. there was a smell of death and duct tape, all this damning evidence, she's going to be convicted. their only hope is to avoid the death penalty in this case. that's their only hope. >> it is fascinating and we're living in this sort of csi world right now, guys, i'll throw this out to the panel, whoever wants to take this. talk about jury selection and how much of this relies on actual physical evidence and one of the things that these lawyers do ahead of time, hey, how many people here watch "csi"? try to get that out of your head. you're not going to see all kinds of d.n.a. evidence. does that matter in this case so much so they could decide her innocence. >> this is a giant case. if you look at some of the theories that have been put forward, i don't have a horse in this race. i'm looking at this with a dispassionate way. this is the essence of junk science. when you have a scientist who was not a forensic scientist but a research scientist who is testing for the first time in
9:12 am
any court in america about the smell of death, when you have testimony about how hair looks after death. really again for the first time in america unproven and not peer reviewed science, we say to ourselves what happens? we understand the rush to judgment and understand sympathy for the poor young child that died. we understand that all the points in a legal and nonlegal way may in fact prove to guilt here but what is the standard in our courts? what if we are innocently accused? i'm not saying that casey anthony is innocent. just the opposite but there has to be a standard in the courts by which all of us are judged. do csi but if you don't have d.n.a. and don't have a cause of death and don't know what day the child died or where the child died or how the child died and i'm on this jury, i say, she looks guilty. she acted guilty. but where's the beef?
9:13 am
>> where's the proof? >> you agree with that, jennifer? >> yeah, i think peter is right because like i said, you have to jump the murder hurdle. you can't just immediately go to talking about how she behaves. now it's true what the evidence says, you can't unring that bell. they've already unheard it. it's probably a jury that will end up talking about it a little bit. i'm hoping they're going to get stuck some place between where scientifically did we see any proof of a murder vs. an accidental death. how can that be? this is junk science because basically these are things that have come into this trial. they've never been tried before. and they're going to try them in a death penalty case? that's crazy. >> all right, jennifer, we're just now about to start the trial. we want to thank our panel and we're going to watch this as it unfolds. let's listen in live in the orlando courthouse.
9:14 am
clarification on the court's last ruling, the court is precluding me from mentioning the items that were the issues, the evidence that was admitted at trial. >> you can't argue to utilize that you say mr. anthony or mr. lee anthony sexually abused miss apt any. -- anthony. >> i want to clarify that because there are arguments that could be made that don't relate to abuse and i want to make sure that i can still do that such as family dysfunction and things like that. >> yeah. >> i mean, that, yeah, as long as you don't jump out and use that supporting argument that she was sexually abused by her father and her brother.
9:15 am
just wanted to make sure. >> yes, sir. >> all right. both sides ready to proceed? let's return the jury. >> you're listening live right now in the orlando courthouse and the judge there standing up and asking the jury to return to the -- return to the room as they were getting instructions there and the lawyers obviously wanted to make sure how they can proceed. we now know that physical abuse, sexual abuse cannot be brought into it so the defense getting some clarification of how they can proceed in the closing arguments. >> you had to imagine that would not be part of their close. they had a chance to talk to george anthony about this, to cross-examine him about the very abuse, they didn't take that opportunity so for them to use that in their close would have
9:16 am
been a hail mary at the very best. >> obviously, when all that questioning was going on, the jury was out of the room so they were not swayed one way or the other about how they were going to proceed. the jury now entering back into that courthouse and they're all seated. >> recognize the presence of the jury. >> yes, sir. >> defense. >> yes, sir, will do. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. did you heed all of my previous admonitions? ladies and gentlemen of the jury, dr. william rodriguez was called as a witness by the defense. through no fault of the defense or the state of florida, dr. rodriguez was not able to complete his testimony. therefore, you are to disregard his testimony and not -- and not consider it in your deliberations. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, both the state and the defense have now rested their case. their attorneys now will present
9:17 am
their final arguments. please remember that what the attorneys say is not evidence or your instructions on the law. however, listen closely to their arguments. they are intended to aid you in understanding the case. each side will have equal time but the state is entitled to divide his time between an opening argument and a rebuttal argument after the defense has spoken. the state may proceed. >> thank you, sir. >> good morning. i want to be the first and i know i will not be the last to thank you for the time that you've given up to this case.
9:18 am
we've taken you away from your families, from your lives for the last six weeks and all of us appreciate the sacrifice that you've made. i am happy to say that we came in on the low end of our estimate, we said six to eight and it's been six, and our job here is virtually done. and your work is about to start.
9:19 am
>> it's easy to be a parent sometimes. it's easy to be a parent when you're playing with your children. it's easy to be a parent when children are a joy and children are fun. but we all know that being a parent is so much more than just playing with your children. being a parent is about sacrifice. being a parent is about sacrificing your time, about sacrificing your love, and about sacrificing your dreams and
9:20 am
sacrificing your life. when you have a child, that child becomes your life. this case is about the clash between that responsibility and the expectations that go with it and the life that casey anthony wanted to have. when caylee was born, casey was saddled with expectations and responsibilities. those expectations came not only from society but from her parents. the expectation is that she would care for her daughter with the support of her parents, that she would work hard and help supporort her daughter.
9:21 am
her response to those new responsibilities as the evidence has shown in this case was to lie. the first expectation of her parents shortly after caylee's birth was that she would work. that she would help support her daughter along with her -- the generous contributions of her parents. for whatever reason, her solution was to lie. she told her parents initially that she went back to the same job that she'd had before caylee was born working at universal studios for a subsidiary company taking photographs, a daytime job. and her parents accepted that. they believed that. they both worked during the day and it appeared that that's what she was doing.
9:22 am
the significance about what i'm about to tell you isn't simply that casey anthony lied, it's the pattern and the reason that she lied. that is important in this case because what you'll see and what i'm going to tell you and what you've heard in this case is that when casey is faceed with a problem, her solution is to change. her lie. to modify it. casey is very bright. you can't take any of that away from her. she's very smart. and her lies are very detailed. but what you find throughout this case is this persistent pattern. when casey wants to do what casey wants to do, casey finds a way. so at first she tells her parents i'm working. i'm working during the day at universal studios. that sounds fine. sounds very plausible. but the problem is that when you're working and you have a
9:23 am
child, you have -- someone has to take care of the child. so the obvious question is who is taking care of caylee? the solution -- make up a lie. so casey makes up zahny. so for almost two years, casey anthony pretends to have a job and pretends to have a nanny to take care of caylee while she was at work and everything seems fine. but that creates a problem. the problem is that casey's with caylee 24/7. she's with caylee every day and every night. because when her parents think she's at work, she's not. she's with caylee. and what kind of life is that? so casey solves the problem. the solution is a new job. a job as an event coordinator, a
9:24 am
job with flexible hours. a job where sometimes she has to work at night. perfect solution. if she wants to go out at night, if she wants to hang out with her friends, if she wants to see her boyfriend, she simply says i have to work. and drops caylee off with her mother. and her mother is happy to help. happy to watch caylee. and that works for a while. works well for a while. everything is good. casey can do what she wants, have the life that she wants, have the support of her parents, have caylee when it's fun and when it's not, she can leave caylee with her mom. everything works great. but then she meets ricardo morales, somebody she feels she might have a relationship with, who accepts caylee as part of that relationship. but that creates a problem.
9:25 am
how do you include caylee in the relationship without letting mom know that the whole thing is a lie? so you create a new solution. oh, zahny will take her overnight. we spend the night there. so in the spring of 2008, three or four nights a week, casey and caylee stay at zahny's, another creation in this case. when in fact they're staying at ricardo's house, it works perfectly. it's great. mom and dad think that i'm working late and so caylee is with zahny and it makes perfect sense for me to spend the night and i can spend the night instead with my boyfriend. and it works perfectly. it's great. but ricardo decides he doesn't really want a serious relationship so this playing house isn't working anymore.
9:26 am
then we get into april and may of 2008 and this is where the problem starts because the solutions of the lies are no longer giving casey what she wants, not giving her the freedom that she wants. remember from the testimony of amy hibenger, a friend of ricardo and friend of hers, that friend through period of april, may and june of 2008, that cindy is resisting. the excuse isn't working anymore. cindy isn't allowing casey to go out and do what she wants and babysit caylee. there's a tension there. the freedom that casey wants isn't there anymore and she can't come up with a story to make it happen. but that's what she wants. her parents are getting suspicious. remember the story from mr.
9:27 am
anthony about the sports authority job. that's in early 2008. george is getting suspicious. and george is trying to find out what's really going on but george is being told to stay out of it. you'll read george's suicide letter, it actually says in there at one point on the third page, he says "i've tried for months. in fact over a year and i was told to stop being negative." george is trying to get beneath the layer of lies, at least with the sports authority issue but he's being told to stay out of it. stop being negative. and casey's lies continue. but there's a problem.
9:28 am
the only way casey's lies work is if caylee isn't talking. caylee is 2 1/2, almost 3. she's starting to become verbal. she's starting to talk. caylee is not going to cooperate. she can't. she doesn't know enough to lie. at some point, caylee is going to say something. somebody is going to ask her about zahny and she's going to say who? someone is going to ask her did you have a good time at zahny's? she'll say no, tony. it can't keep going. casey meets tony. tony has this life.
9:29 am
he's free. he's a club promoter. he's out there at night with the loud music and dancing and it's a great free life. with tony, she can do whatever she wants. i believe the testimony was on june 6th and on june 13th, they have the nightclub fusion. and it's fantastic. shot girls, music, dancing. young people doing what young people are supposed to do and i want to say that clearly. there's nothing wrong with young people being young people. there's nothing wrong with young people drinking and dancing and having fun. there's nothing wrong with that! but that's not the life that casey has because casey is a mom.
9:30 am
and that gives her responsibilities. whether she likes it or not. but that life is so much what she wants. during the week of june 2nd through june 9th, in fact, casey has a chance to truly embrace that life because cindy was on vacation. that whole week. and spent most of it with caylee. remember she talked about how wonderful it was spending that week with her granddaughter. so that whole week, casey is essentially free. she has a taste of that freedom. she doesn't have to lie to get around it. she's free and it is fantastic. so she has a choice. a life tethered to a child or a
9:31 am
life free to be 22. you might ask yourselves, well, why not just leave caylee with cindy? why not just give cindy custody and walk away? because based on the evidence you heard in this case, cindy would never permit casey to walk away from caylee. cindy wanted her daughter to be a mom. and to act like a mom. and tlsz no way that cindy anthony would have ever permitted casey to walk away. so those were casey's choices. the life that she wanted or the life that she had.
9:32 am
and as hard as it is for anyone to imagine, she had to choose between two sacrificing two things. the first was her dreams and the life she wanted and the second was her child. and we submit to you the evidence in this case shows that the choice she made was her child. on june 16th of 2008, casey left the house. pretended to leave the house with caylee. and used the tride and true ricardo excuse. i got to work late. we're both going to spend the
9:33 am
night at zahny's. an excuse she hadn't used based on the evidence since she was with ricardo. sounded plausible. something they've done before. didn't seem strange. used that excuse both to her father when she left and also to her mother, i believe in a phone call later that day or, perhaps even the night before. what this tells us about her plan is this. she wasn't going to stay at tony's with caylee because that was not their relationship. so on that morning, casey knew she would not be staying at that house. but neither would caylee because she knew that that night, she would be in the arms of her boyfriend and that caylee would be dead.
9:34 am
so for june 16th, it was the same old excuse. the tride and true, i got to work late. made perfect sense. she actually spent the night at tony's. june 17th, well, you know, they'd done it a couple of days before so she knew her mom would accept one more day, probably spending the night at zanny's so she said, yeah, 17th, we're spending night at zanny's again and cindy accepted that. by june 18th, casey knew that cindy would no longer accept that excuse. it didn't make sense that they would be spending night at zanny's three nights in a row. they hadn't done it before. it didn't make any sense so casey had to change the lie, had to add an element to explain the
9:35 am
continued absence. so on june 18th, casey adds the conference in tampa wrinkle. well, i've got this conference at this hotel in tampa so i'm going to take caylee with me along with zanny, the babysitter, to this conference in tampa. but it's not just that. she adds another element. an element that would appeal to cindy which is oh, by the way, there's going to be another mother there with a child the same age. what a great time caylee will have. you see every time you add to the lie, you add to the lie for a reason. casey is very smart. casey knows how her mother thinks. she knows she needs to add so she adds the element of an out of town trip to a fun place and another child to play with. a great story. mom will absolutely buy it.
9:36 am
it will keep mom off my back for at least a couple more days. while, in fact, casey is staying with her boyfriend tony and sadly, caylee is in all likelihood in the trunk. dead. and decomposing. put out of casey's mind as easily as she puts out the truth. on the 17th, the 18th is the day -- on the 17th, casey's car is seen backed into the driveway of the anthony home when no one is home. i believe it's that day or the next day the evidence showed casey goes to the next-door neighbor and borrows her shovel. i would submit to you the reason to borrow a shovel under those
9:37 am
circumstances is because she thought briefly about burying caylee in the backyard just like they bury their pets. apparently, that was too much work for her. so she decided instead to just throw her in a swamp. any way, so the story on the 18th is pretty good. it buys her a couple more days so through the 18th and the 19th, she continues to tell her mother, we're having a wonderful time. we're at this conference in tampa. she on the 20th actually extends it to add busch gardens. going to be great. going to have fun. caylee is going to go to busch gardens with these other children, they're going to have a wonderful time and zanny is going to watch them while i'm at my conference so it satisfies everything. and cindy's sad that her grandchild is not with her but she's happy that caylee is having such a wonderful time at the theme parks.
9:38 am
tells cindy they'll be back on saturday, the 21st. the 21st, she tells cindy again that the conference is still going on, they're still at busch gardens in tampa with zanny, juliet lewis and annabel, the fictional people. now, counsel in questioning has suggested that these people are somehow imaginary in the sense of being not a deliberate fabrication. i would submit to you that the fact that they are deliberate fabrication is established by the fact that while casey is telling cindy that she and caylee and everybody else are at busch gardens, she tells another
9:39 am
witness, maria kish who you heard from that caylee is with the nanny at the beach. because obviously, the friend doesn't need to have the story and she can't very well tell the friend, by the way, i'm in tampa because she's standing in front of her. again, casey's lies fit the audience and the necessities of that audience. by sunday, the 22nd, clearly they should be back from this conference. but on the 22nd, cindy is told, oh, well, the conference ran late. they were planning on coming back but they figured they would just stay and go to the park at busch gardens on sunday and have fun. and cindy is placated by that. but they're supposed to be back on the 23rd.
9:40 am
casey, of course, is still at tony's. and by this point, ladies and gentlemen, in all based upon the evidence you've heard, caylee was already in her resting place off suburban drive in the process of decomposition. on the 23rd when they're supposed to be home, casey needs to come up with some other reason for them not to be there. at this point, casey comes one the story of the accident. zanny, this imaginary person, has been involved in an imaginary automobile accident in an imaginary place and is now in an imaginary hospital. and, of course, they couldn't possibly leave without her. since juliet lewis is there and annabel is there and caylee is having such a wonderful time, we're going to stay a few more
9:41 am
days. so that excuse extends the stay a little bit longer. casey continues to update her mother about the progress of zanny's imaginary injury and extends the stay even longer. on the 24th, however, she has a problem. 24th is when she comes home and runs into her father. this is the gas can incident. so on the 24th, she's got to come up with something for why caylee isn't with her. so she tells her mother that she came home to orlando to get insurance papers for zanny for the accident. casey is smart. casey is quick. it is absolutely amazing how nimble casey anthony's mind is and the ability to come up with
9:42 am
an appropriate and believable lie in an instant. but again, it allows her to extend this absence. when she is, in fact, again hanging out with tony. june 25th, still in the hospital, staying there to be supportive of zanny. june 26th, zanny is finally released late. it's a theme. everything seems to be late. zanny is released late so they decided to stay at the hotel, not try to come back that night, they're going to spend one more night at the hotel so finally, finally cindy thinks caylee is going to be home. finally. it's been more than a week. longer, 10 days, longer than she's ever been away from her precious granddaughter but finally they're going to be home.
9:43 am
the next day. the next day comes, friday june 27th. well, we're back in town but we met up with jeff hopkins. jeff hopkins is the imaginary connection to zanny that she came up with years before. she's actually got an amazing memory. i mean, imagine being able to remember the lies you told a year ago. and incorporate that more into your life. it's really quite impressive. so now, jeff hopkins is in town and they're staying at the hard rock hotel with him. a fun place. again, mom will be placated by that. then she tells jesse -- she tells amy that caylee it at the beach with the nanny. again, we're getting contradictory lies depending on the audience. june 28th, having a great time.
9:44 am
still at the hotel. jeff hopkins, zanny, the other children, everybody is really just having a wonderful time, mom, so we can't come home. june 29th, gee, mom, we're having so much fun, we can't come home at the hard rock hotel with jeff hopkins. so jeff hopkins becomes an interesting part of casey's long term strategy in this case. june 30th, she tells cindy that jennifer and caylee are going to universal studios. they're going to have a wonderful time at universal studios. on july 1st, she makes a mistake. on july 1st, cindy is actually on vacation. she makes the mistake of telling cindy that casey and someone named jennifer rosa are at universal.
9:45 am
cindy actually goes to universal. calls casey on the phone because she wants to see her granddaughter. i'm sorry. that's july 3rdrd. july 3rd, we're tat a character breakfast. great thing for caylee. she's having a wonderful time. cindy actually goes to try to see her. she arrives at universal studios, calls casy and says look, i'm here. i'm ready to see my granddaughter. oh, no, we're in jacksonville. we're with jeff hopkins in jacksonville. now, remember, jeff hopkins, the back story of jeff hopkins is he's a wealthy friend of hers. that she has some romantic interest in who conveniently lives out of town. oh, we were going to be at the character breakfast but now we're at jacksonville with jeff hopkins. this is the beginning, i would submit to you, of casey's
9:46 am
long-term strategy for how to deal with cindy. she has to have one. remember timer 55, timer 55 is the password that casey created for her myspace and facebook accounts. and there were two references by casey to timer 55. the first was in one of the tape recorded conversations with lee anthony you saw in jail where she says that the timer 55 is related to caylee. and remember later, lee testified and had to be, his recollection had to be refreshed as he frequently did but admitted that casey had told him that timer 55 reflected the 55 days between june 16th and caylee's birthday. now, she told him the story that that was some reflection of when she thought that zanny would bring caylee back.
9:47 am
we know now that's want true. we know now zanny is a fiction. what did it mean? what did timer 55 actually mean? timer 55 meant that she knew that she could only stall her mother until caylee's birthday. timer 55 day. the most she could do was 55 days. and then her mother would insist on seeing caylee. what i submit to you that jeff hopkins, jacksonville story is a long-term strategy. remember on july 3rd and 4th is when there was the big blowup, cindy created a my space page and she and casey finally had a heart to heart. and what does casey tell her? casey tells her i'm in jacksonville with jeff hopkins.
9:48 am
this man with whom i think i could have an actual relationship. a wealthy boyfriend who has a child the same age as caylee. with whom i think i can have a long-term relationship. mom, you've got to get used to the fact that i won't always be with you. now, this is all made up. so she's now got her mother quipsed that she's in a potential long-term relationship with a wealthy man that lives out of town. timer 55. she's coming up with a long-term strategy. because maybe she'll marry jeff hopkins. maybe they'll elope to europe. she could extend that 55 days for months.
9:49 am
she never had the chance. july 5th, she tells cindy that her car is being fixed in jacksonville, that she'll return on the 12th, that she's staying with jeff hopkins and his mother. july 13th, she tells cindy that jeff hopkins' mother is getting married, miraculous and fictional marriage and they're going to stay to finish that. when in fact she's just hanging out with her friends. now, the july 3rd conversation did back cindy off. cindy was largely leaving her alone after that. until july 15th. on july 15th, all hell breaks loose. because they got the car. i submit to you had they not gotten this car, i would submit to you based on the evidence that casey would have continued the story at least to caylee's
9:50 am
birthday and probably beyond. for as long as she could. but the car made that impossible. july 15th, the car is discovered. cindy is on a mission. cindy is on a mission. cindy is going to find and see her granddaughter and she will not be denied and that's it. tracks down casey. grabs casey. says you will take me to my granddaughter now! she tries to rely on the old excuse. she's at zanny's. i don't want to wake her up. despite everything that cindy says, despite the threat of cindy anthony to call the police, sticks to the story. same old thought. zanny, zanny, zanny, zanny, zanny. until finally her brother, lee
9:51 am
anthony, says to her, ok, let's play this out. i'm the police officer and you're you. miss anthony, take me to your granddaughter. no, she's sleeping. uh-huh. take me to your daughter and convinces her of the reality that this story simply will not stand. cannot survive. your lies will not succeed. and in a pattern which you will see repeated in the face of a lie that simply cannot stand she comes up with the new lie. yes, there's a zanny but zanny kidnapped caylee. kidnapped caylee 31 days ago. it's interesting that though casey got the date wrong, in
9:52 am
other words -- remember, she told the police it was june 9th. it was actually the 16th. she got the number of days right. 31 days. 31 of the 55 were gone. i haven't seen my daughter in 31 days. i have been looking for her. i've been doing my own investigation and tells this elaborate story of how she knows zanny because she works at universal and jeff hopkins and his son zach and zanny and all the other children and tells the police this elaborate, consistent lie. and initially, the police treat her as if, in fact, she's a victim of a child kidnapping. but the more they investigate her story, the more it seems to fall apart. in what can only be described as
9:53 am
if it weren't true, you couldn't write it this good, is the incident at universal studios but it's indicative of casey anthony and who she is and what she does. she maintains this story about the kidnapping. about working at universal. she takes them to universal. she walks with great confidence from the security gate to a building, enters the building with absolute confidence. walks to the end of the hallway, turns around, puts her hands in her pockets and says ok, i don't work here. casey anthony maintains her lies until they absolutely cannot be maintained anymore. when she gets to the end of that hallway, or when she gets to the end of that conversation with her brother, and realizing this
9:54 am
lie has failed me so i must abandon it and replace it with a new one. so in that amazing conversation with john allen and yuri melich, she admits to lying to working at universal for reasons that are not clear. but i'm lying to you about working here but everything else i told you is true. and she maintains that lie for -- through conversations with law enforcement, she maintains that lie through conversations with her parents and her family which you saw through all of july. and into august. but during that period of time, a problem comes up. and that is that her claim of where she dropped caylee off has
9:55 am
been conclusively disproven. there's just no way that's true. her claim that she was looking for caylee has been conclusively disproven. there's no way it's true. realizing that when she's briefly released from jail on bond and stays with her family, she comes up with the new story. the kidnapping story. the forceful kidnapping story. the blanchard park story. remember the testimony where she told her brother lee she was out in the later part of august, that, in fact, yes, zanny did kidnap caylee but it was by force. we met at blancard park on the 16th, that they held me down, they took caylee away from me because i was a bad mother. again, faced with overwhelming
9:56 am
evidence that the story is a lie. casey comes up with a new one. call it casey 3.0, a new version. the problem with that version comes up on december 11, 20088. could i have state's exhibit 208, please? caylee's remains are found. caylee's remains are found within a quarter mile of the anthony home. with her remains are found a number of items. a number of very important items. could i have 222, please? could i have state's exhibits
9:57 am
302? the first -- the first problem is the tape. the tape that is found on caylee anthony's remains which is contained in this box -- in this bag, and you can look at it. three pieces of duct tape. photographed with a distinctive brand on it. found on caylee's body. the difficulty for caylee 3.0 is the same tape that was found on
9:58 am
caylee's body was also found on a gas can taken from her home. and you'll see from the exhibit that you have put in by the defense that this tape is a fairly rare kind of tape. hasn't been sold since 2007 and even then it was only a couple -- like 100,000 rolls of it sold. it's very unusual tape. and it's on caylee's body and it's on that exhibit and, in fact, in what has got to be the most bizarre part of this case that very tape was used unknowingly by her own father to display a photograph of caylee, a missing person poster. the tape that was used to kill caylee anthony was used to
9:59 am
implore people to look for her. could i have photograph in evidence 224? this is the bag that caylee was found in, this is what -- i guess you could say this was her coffin. this bag that i have photograph 227, this is the tag from that very same bag. 293.

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